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Master Chue Kay 隨琪 - Master in the Ancient Chinese Science of Feng Shui, Horoscope & Auspicious Date Selection

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  • I know it's only rock 'n' roll but I like it! [blog]

    Three guitars

    Read Master Kay's latest article which explains how musical vibrations promote strength and longevity. Read here »

  • Summer Solstice newsletter

    Summer solstice newsletter thumbnail

    The latest Chue Feng Shui Foundation newsletter is now available, coinciding with the summer solstice. Read here »

  • The importance of the main gate in feng shui [blog]

    Wrought iron gates at front of property

    View the blog article and learn about the importance of directing Chi to your main door. Read here »

  • The Journey of Discovery

    Treasure chest representing knowledge

    Chue Style Feng Shui understands the depth and qualities of Nature’s energy more than any other school in the world. Quality is Chue’s pride, as is the attention to detail that ensures a strong platform is laid on which to build the Chue knowledge.

    The recommendation in starting your educational journey of discovery is the attendance of Chue Style Feng Shui’s Module A Introductory Programme. This short 2-day course is conducted in a classroom or online and enables the student to make a more informed choice on where to take their studies next.

    The Journey of Discovery is about connecting to Nature’s own energy through all things natural, the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, the seasons, the 12 months of the year, the animals, and the environment. It is a complex and exciting journey that helps the student to identify the power and the values of the world around us and how to enjoy the benefits Nature that are on offer.

    See this year's training courses and book your place.

  • Pure Ba Zi: Chinese Horoscope Fundamentals course

    Chinese crane

    Complimenting Master Chue Kay's new book, Chinese Astrology: The Key To Understanding Yourself, this course allows you to learn of the Chinese horoscope fundamentals. Find out more »

  • 2024 Chinese horoscopes - the 12 animal zodiac signs

    Green dragon for Year of Dragon

    Find out what is in store in 2024 for the 12 Chinese animal zodiac signs. 2024 Chinese horoscope predictions »

  • 2024 - Year of the Dragon

    Year of Dragon 2024 graphic

  • Featured in the media - Glamour magazine

    Master Chue Kay's article for Glamour

    Read the article »

  • Personal Fate Forecasts for 2024

    Personal Forecasts for 2024

    Will you have good fortune in 2024? How will your health endure? What will the year bring for family relations & friends?

    Your personal fate forecast will tell you.

  • Blog article - The Science of Feng Shui: Dispelling The Myth

    Chinese lopan

    Despite being established for over 3000 years, the western world's understanding of feng shui remains mixed. Master Chue Kay explains how Chue style feng shui's roots in nature make it a real opportunity to be tapped. Read the article »

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  • The Greatest Gift - Nature's energy

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    There is a wealth of abundance around you courtesy of Mother Nature. The question is, are you getting your share? Read the article »

  • Yoga For The Home - Feng Shui

    Flower captioned Feng Shui - Home Yoga

  • Chue Style newsletter

    Filled with interesting & useful articles on Chue style feng shui, take a read of the latest newsletters »

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