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Kay Tom - Master in the Ancient Chinese Science of Feng Shui, Horoscope & Auspicious Date Selection

What is Feng Shui?

It is wrong to say wind and water. Feng Shui is energy. Wind and water are a part of that energy. Without water you can't survive. In our body the blood is the water. When we breathe, we take in the oxygen, this is the wind. Vegetation, birds, insects, also represent the wind and water. When the wind blows the water comes.

This is nature. We don't want the wind too strong, otherwise it destroys the whole global, because it is too fast and so causes chaos.

Grand Master Chan Kun Wah

    Latest News:

  • 2020 The Year of the Metal Rat

    Rat illustration for 2020

    Read Master Kay's global forecast on what the Rat and 2020 will bring.

  • The Energy Specialist features on the Mail Online

    Daily Mail headline for Year of the Rat

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  • Upcoming course dates for 2020

    10 white horses representing Yuen Hom

    Now is the season for sowing seeds and planning. Be in tune and set your goals for the year ahead, ready to launch into 2020 full of gusto and enthusiasm.

    See the upcoming schedule - Events & Courses »

  • Learn in the heart of rural England

    Bradgate Park, Leicestershire

    The Deer Barn is a delightful venue for The Energy Specialist's upcoming events, set in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire.

    Completely surrounded by nature and her natural environment, the venue affords us endless opportunities to witness first hand the principles to be studied.

    Find out more on the Events & Courses page »

  • Help to sell your house with homestaging


    Create the dream and help sell your home by:

    • Attracting the buyer to your door
    • Experiencing increased offers
    • Selling quicker

  • Introduction to Chue Style Feng Shui principles [video]

    Ahead of the course dates for Feng Shui For All in Dubai - an introductory course to Chue Style Feng Shui - watch the Energy Specialist introduce a taster of what will be covered in the seminars.

  • Latest feature on houzz

  • In her role as Professional Contributor to houzz, The Energy Specialist shares with us the simple but practical steps you can take to improve the feng shui of your home this Winter.

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  • The Energy Specialist's latest course: Feng Shui For All

    An amazing and intense 4 day course that highlights the impact of the design of a building on the life of its occupants. Understand the implications of finances and future prospects, relationships, health and even fertility.

    Design is a responsibility. Learn how you can use its strength to make a difference.

    The course is particularly valuable to architects, city planners, interior designers, home stagers, landscape gardeners, estate agents, feng shui consultants and even home owners who want to understand more about the impact nature has on our life and how we can use it to improve wellbeing, productivity & more.

    No previous experience of feng shui is required.

    "Bravo: clear, intelligent, practical information. You make a traditional yet modern Chinese science and art something that we should all know and practice." John Voigt, Editor of QI Encyclopedia

    For further information or to check availability, email

  • Master Kay Tom holds webinar with Feng Shui students on the Fundamentals of Feng Shui

  • Feng Shui Politics in the City of London

    Feng Shui Politics

    The first thing that strikes you about the City of London is the mixture of styles of architecture that exists today.

    It is a widely known fact that the principles and secrets of the Ancient discipline of Feng Shui have been applied to the construction of the skyscrapers and prominent buildings of Hong Kong for centuries.

    No CEO in Hong Kong will make a commitment or major decision without the advice of a Feng Shui Master. Such is the power of this ancient skill.

    But what can be said of London's famous skyline? The Energy Specialist considers the impact of Feng Shui on the ongoing construction in England's capital city.

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  • The World Of Football Moves The Goalposts

    Feng Shui compatible football grounds

    In a sport totally dominated by the size of a club's bank balance and where money seems to be no object, where can the next strategy to get ahead of the game come from? Read more on BBC News »


  • Does the energy know where to find your home?

    Bridge of golden light

    Proving yourself better than your competitors is the key to success. Knowing where and when to play your trump card is crucial.

  • Can the energy find your front door?

    Front door

  • Is the energy flowing around your property and sustaining the occupants within?

    Interior hall

  • On The Brink: Where Land Meets Sea

    Lady dancing in wedding dress on beach

    Feng Shui translated means where the wind meets the water.

    Know The Energy.

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  • Going for Gold & A Tremendous Sense of Achievement

    Bruce Springsteen

    We can all attain a gold medal in our individual field, from pop star to weight watcher, our success is a presence of mind.

    View Master Kay's reading for Bruce Springsteen

  • Are You Sitting In The Seat Of Power?

    Dragons Den

    The Energy Specialist now offers a range of consultation packages enabling you to pick the right one to suit your needs.

    Find out about the consultation packages »

  • Free Preview of INTELLIGENT WEALTH -
    The Energy Specialist's latest book

    "Expanding your sight outside of the box will often reveal a very different picture to that which you see before you. It is a wise man who does not take everything at face value. Indeed to understand Energy it is more than fair to say that you have to learn to look beneath the surface."

    Preview the book and purchase a copy »


    [This] book is outstanding. I love the text, very insightful! The pictures really tell a compelling story. I find myself really observing the photos over and over again. There's so much to see and interpret. Very strong pics. Very very nice and well done. Gregory, Atlanta USA

  • MP3 Download - Twelve Animals of the Chinese Zodiac

    Receiving a 5* "totally unputdownable" rating from Diane Howe of Prediction magazine:

    "I would highly recommend this CD to anyone wanting to develop their understanding of human nature and the way we all interact with each other."

    The Twelve Animals of the Chinese Zodiac

  • Client Testimonials

    Having had health problems over the last few years and also facing the risk of redundancy at work ... we have made some of the changes recommended... The difference has been remarkable... Life seems to flow more easily and work is more enjoyable.

    Mr & Mrs P - West Midlands

    Read how Feng Shui can make a real difference...

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