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  • Summer Solstice - new newsletter now available

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    The latest newsletter is now available, filled with interesting & useful articles on Chue style feng shui. Read the newsletter »

  • Kung Hei Fat Choi - Happy Chinese New Year

    Happy Chinese New Year 2022 illustration

  • Featured on Radio New Zealand - listen here »

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  • Featured on the Mail Online

    Mail Online - Chinese New Year 2022

  • Featured on Romper

    Romper - Chinese New Year 2022

  • Featured on BBC Radio

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  • 2022: The Year of the Water Tiger


    The year of the tiger is upon us - find out on the blog how he'll shape what's to come in 2022 - The Year of the Water Tiger »

  • The Greatest Gift - Nature's energy

    The Greatest Gift graphic

    There is a wealth of abundance around you courtesy of Mother Nature. The question is, are you getting your share? Read the article »

  • Online courses announced for 2022

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    It is Grand Master Chan’s desire to encourage the continuity of the flow of the Chue Chi by offering chosen training online through his teachers.

    View the courses »

  • Announcing Southern Hemisphere Feng Shui Fundamentals

    Southern Hemisphere Feng Shui Fundamentals graphic

    On behalf of Master Gran Chan, The Energy Specialist is pleased to announce the availability of a new course which allows students to understand the language of nature and harness her power, specific to the southern hemisphere. See course info »

  • Feng Shui For All - online masterclass

    Graphic for Feng Shui For All

    Calling all Chue graduates & Module A, B, C students - a special edition, online masterclass with useful learnings has been unveiled.

    See the event information & course details here »

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  • Yoga For The Home - Feng Shui

    Flower captioned Feng Shui - Home Yoga

  • Chow Fun! Chue Style Feng Shui e-newsletter

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    Keep up to date with the latest news, advice & tips in the Chue Style Feng Shui mailing list »

  • Understand the language & power of nature through Chue Style Feng Shui courses

    Chinese mountain side captioned wealth of abundance

    Now is the season for sowing seeds and planning. Be in tune and set your goals for the year ahead, ready to launch into 2021 full of gusto and enthusiasm.

    See the upcoming schedule - Events & Courses »

  • Help to sell your house with homestaging


    Create the dream and help sell your home by:

    • Attracting the buyer to your door
    • Increasing offers
    • Selling quicker

    Feng shui benefits for selling your property »

  • Introduction to Chue Style Feng Shui principles [video]

    Ahead of the course dates for Feng Shui For All in Dubai - an introductory course to Chue Style Feng Shui - watch the Energy Specialist introduce a taster of what will be covered in the seminars.

  • The Energy Specialist's latest course: Feng Shui For All

    An amazing and intense 4 day course that highlights the impact of the design of a building on the life of its occupants. Understand the implications of finances and future prospects, relationships, health and even fertility.

    Design is a responsibility. Learn how you can use its strength to make a difference.

    The course is particularly valuable to architects, city planners, interior designers, home stagers, landscape gardeners, estate agents, feng shui consultants and even home owners who want to understand more about the impact nature has on our life and how we can use it to improve wellbeing, productivity & more.

    No previous experience of feng shui is required.

    "Bravo: clear, intelligent, practical information. You make a traditional yet modern Chinese science and art something that we should all know and practice." John Voigt, Editor of QI Encyclopedia

    For further information or to check availability, email

  • The Secret Power

    Flowers in tub with yin yang caption

    Yin & yang needs to be in balance in order to co-create.

  • Does the energy know where to find your home?

    Inviting front door of home

    The main door - the mouth of the building through which the energy flows.

    Harness nature's energy with a feng shui property consultation »

  • Are You Sitting In The Seat Of Power?
    Is your office layout supporting you?

    Japanese office

    By improving your workspace you can improve productivity and performance.

    Read simple steps on how to aid business »

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