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Feng shui property

Nothing has been more evident during the challenges of 2020 and the
experiences of lockdown than man’s need for nature. Not simply from the
sight of a tsunami of people descending onto our beaches and into our parks
once the door of restriction was eased fractionally but also from far and wide
reports from estate agents who are witnessing a mass exodus from city life to
country life with a preference to properties with a garden or outside space:

Thanks to Covid 19 the lessons have been learned. Man needs nature to

Moving to a new house has its demands, physically, mentally, emotionally and
financially so why not ease the pressures through the understanding of your
challenges through the valuable tool called Feng Shui? Your consultant will
help you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a property in order to
know how to make the best impression on the market and attract the right
buyer with a generous offer.

The benefits of taking feng shui advice

  • Using an auspicious launch date to support the sale
  • Identifying your qualities and maximising on the impact
  • Refreshing the space
  • Colour palates to suit all tastes
  • The subtlety of lighting
  • Attracting the yang energy that equals action; clean and bright
  • Advantageous placement of the FOR SALE board
  • The importance of the main gate and main door
  • Advice on energy flow that will encourage a smooth transaction. This
    includes identifying areas of stagnation of energy to be removed in
    order to release any blockages
  • Layouts of key rooms in the home are advised to support the chi flow.
  • Introducing accents through a simple accessory does not have to cost
    the earth
  • A house is just as much a living organism as we are. Treat it with respect
    and respect will be your reward in return
  • Advice on the most beneficial direction for re-location

Property for sale

This property sold for the highest ever recorded price for a two-
bedroom apartment in the area