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Ask The I Ching - The 64 Hexagrams I Ching

THE 64 HEXAGRAMS I CHING is a unique method of divination that works entirely on the elemental values and the interaction of the 6 lines of a hexagram.

A hexagram comprises of 6 Yin or Yang lines that are determined by throwing 3 Chinese coins 6 times whilst focussing on your question.

You often hear the old adage “the answer lies within”. The challenge is to find this answer. Deep inside your inner wisdom knows the best course for you to follow but do you stand still long enough to hear or notice this advice when it is conveyed to you? The 6 lines of a hexagram will do just that as they hold the information necessary to convey the message from your soul.

This Ancient oracle has been used for thousands of years to offer support and guidance in all aspects of life. It has been used to help find a missing person or property, with decisions on property purchases and investments, in relationship issues, health issues or simply to ask about the weather.

There is a wealth of information inside the 6 lines which can actually be applied to any question you care to put to them.

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