The Home Office – The Seat of Power

Japanese office

Needless to say, the office and the home environment are two totally different spaces with
completely different needs that therefore present an immense challenge in finding a way
for the two to combine in a happy compromise: Business energy is yang, fast and furious
and demanding a lot of stamina. Home life on the other hand is more yin and a place for
rest and recuperation – at least once the children are in bed…

In an ideal world if the home office can be set up in a separate building such as a disused
outbuilding or purpose-built garden pod then the balance is easier to achieve. In such a
situation natural light has to be the first priority as this will help to sustain the occupants
within throughout their working day.

The home office that is located within the home needs to be separate from the family space
as much as possible in order to support concentration and productivity. This includes noise
from family living and cooking smells as much as possible as both will contribute to

To gain the best support from the natural energy in these circumstances an east or south
east room will offer the be the best choice. These areas are known for their rising energy,
something that is vital in business and productivity. Quite simply we are following the sun
that rises in the east and is still fresh and rising as it travels through the south east sector of
your property. Conversely a north room never sees any sunlight and therefore misses out on
this support.

The layout of the office is always crucial in order to have control over your business. The
most important rule is to sit with your back to a solid wall. Your backbone/spine represents
your support in life. If the spine collapses, then so too does the whole skeletal structure. A
well supported back in the home office therefore represents your support in the business.
The desk then needs to face the door. This represents you covering every eventuality in
terms of recognising opportunities when they arrive as well as recognising the actions of
your competitors too. In other words, you are captain of your ship.

There are specific strengths of energy within the space that are appropriate to use or avoid.
These strengths include support in life, financial energy and authority and do not need to be
held down with heavy items of furniture. This is a detailed calculation that your Feng Shui
consultant can advise on.