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Is your match made in heaven? Is there such a thing as love at first sight?

The Ancient tradition of Chinese Astrology has been helping to answer these questions for thousands of years. By truly understanding who you are and why it is you do the things you do we are able to help you identify your true needs and offer guidance on the direction of the path to follow that serves your best interests.

Of course these recommendations are of paramount importance when committing to your life partner on your wedding day but the principles also apply in business helping to ensure you employee the candidate who will serve you best.

It's All About Balance

Balance of the Five Elements and Balance of Yin and Yang.

PRINCESS DIANA 1st JULY 1961 19.45 hrs (GMT 18.45hrs)

Princess Diana Star Chart

Diana’s chart is predominantly Yin which will explain her gentle and caring nature. Her personal element is Yin Wood which is determined by her day of birth. Yin wood is fresh and vibrant like the new shoots on a tree that show through in the early spring. This new shoot is not strong and needs care and attention to encourage its development. Water and warmth are very important to this chart to encourage the shoot to develop. Diana has fire in her chart for the warmth but she has no water to sustain her wood. The vital element to Diana is water in order that she can feel supported in life. There is no water in her chart so she will have had a feeling of insecurity.

PRINCE CHARLES 14th November 1948 21.23 hrs

Prince Charles Star Chart

Prince Charles’ chart is awash with water so this will have been the attraction for Diana. She was drawn to him by the feeling of security from the much needed water element.

The partner position in a chart sits in the day pillar under the self element. In this case the partner is represented by Yin Wood, which is Diana’s own self element so here lays the attraction for Charles to Diana. He was attracted by her youth, her light hearted spirit and her sense of fun. She will have made him laugh. Charles has a missing element of fire and lacks warmth in his life so Diana’s fire in her month pillar will have lightened his mood too. The metal element is not strong for Charles so he too feels unsupported and relies on his own resources. Diana’s metal in her year and hour pillars will have offered him this support.

Unfortunately the marriage did not last. The water in Charles’ chart was too much for Diana as you can over water a young plant and cause the roots to go rotten. The metal in Diana’s chart ironically caused an overload for Charles and he will have rejected her support.

It's All About Balance

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