I Know its only Rock and Roll and I like it

For years I have marvelled at the stamina and energy off the Rolling Stones who to this day tour the world, performing live gigs with the same zest and fortitude as when they first set out on the Rock and Roll road more than 60 years ago. “How come”, I asked myself, when they have lived life on the edge, exposing their bodies to the extremes of a sex, drugs and alcohol lifestyle for a majority of that time.

In the eyes of the Feng Shui world music represents the element of Metal as it is the vibration of this element that makes the sound. In terms of the Nine Jui Stars that are based on the star constellation the Great Bear, also known as the Plough and the Pipe, the No 6 star represents the Metal element and will therefore have a direct connection to the music. This Star’s name is Mou Kuk that means Longevity.

This constellation sits in the north sector of the night sky. There are two very important times of the year to observe this powerful phenomena those being the winter and the summer solstice. The Winter Solstice represents the height of the Yin energy when we are experiencing the longest night and shortest period of daylight hours. This can also be referred to as the Birth of Yang as the daylight energy starts to grow again at this point. The Summer Solstice represents the height of the Yang energy when we see the longest period of daylight hours and the shortest night. This can be referred to as the Birth of Yin. The recommendation is to look to see which star is shining the brightest on the  night of the Solstice as this will be the star with the most influence over the following 6 months. If Mou Kuk is shining the brightest this will bode well with our wellbeing and our respect of taking care of our health through diet and exercise and healthy routines.

Recently I have been taking Acu-Gong Sound Baths, a combination of acupuncture and a sound bath. The sound bath takes the form of gongs and singing bowls being played at varying strengths whilst acupuncture is performed according to your needs at the same time. Interestingly both the sound bath and the acupuncture are represented by the metal element and therefore the Mou Kuk Longevity Star. I can say with my hand on my heart that my life has taken on a more even keel that sees me balancing the Yin and Yang, the work and the play, in more beneficial proportions. In this period of time of fast flowing energy, when time seems to fly by, there is no more, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” for me. The good vibrations of their music have helped the Rolling Stones to prolong their life. This can also be the case with mental health when people with Dementia can still sing every word of a favourite song despite the confusion they are experiencing. Use the sound in the best way to suit you, I promise it helps.

Let Music Be the Food of Love

with my best wishes

Master Chue Kay