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I Ching Tuition

Master Kay Tom has spent a week teaching me I Ching. I have found her teaching, knowledge and patience outstanding. Workbooks, were given weeks before to prepare me for the course. Notes and examples on the course were all beautifully presented.

I was helped to understand the I Ching and the aspects of the readings in a simple, easy and comprehensive way. The previous teachings of Yuen Hom, Ba Zi and Form School were all applied to this new subject. I Ching brings all the knowledge of Chue Style Feng Shui together.

The combinations, clashes, tombs, effects, interactions between trigrams, hexagrams, branches and kinships all made easier to understand by Kay's attention to detail. She identified my personal strengths and weaknesses in my own knowledge, but by the end of the course I felt able to use these new skills confidently. Her support is on hand for further study and revision. I valued her unyielding energy to continue the teaching of our Grand Masters.

Kay is a truly, naturally, gifted teacher and Master who extends her love of the subject. These qualities were taught previously by Grand Master Chan and passed on through the linage of the Chue Style Feng Shui. I will continue to be inspired by the knowledge and teachings of the subject and hope to study with Master Kay Tom in the future.

Christine Sumner

A Natural Tutor in I Ching

I thoroughly enjoy Kay’s organic style of teaching, full of stories, insights and perspectives to bring the material alive. Her understanding of I Ching is impressive and her caring and responsible attitude towards teaching means the student feels very well met and there is a mutual respect.

For all her extensive knowledge Kay retains a humility which encourages the students to engage, ask questions and develop their own understanding.

Master Sarah McAllister

Feng Shui for Health

After having had health problems over the last few years and also facing the risk of redundancy at work, we decided to have a Feng Shui consultation with Kay. We knew very little about Feng Shui but somehow, the universe must have heard our prayers and guided us to find her at a time when we most needed some help and inspiration.

Kay was very professional and thorough at our first meeting when she explained how the Feng Shui system worked and what would be involved. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and experience of the subject were reassuring and gave us the confidence to have a full consultation done.

It has been a couple of months now since we had our consultation and follow up with Kay. We have made some of the changes recommended and others are ongoing. The difference has been remarkable. The health problems I was dealing with are more manageable allowing me to have more energy to do other things. The threat of redundancy passed and things were absolutely fine. Life seems to flow more easily and work is more enjoyable now. I am sure that things will continue to improve as we put into practice more of the recommendations and suggestions.

We can’t thank Kay enough for her deep spiritual insight, kindness and help. We have no hesitation in recommending her to other people / organisations and wish her every success in her work as The Energy Specialist.

Very satisfied clients.

Mr & Mrs P - West Midlands


Feng Shui Consultation in Leicester

Since our initial consultation with Kay, I was quite surprised by the immediacy of the results.

A few small changes to our daily routine and some adaptations to the use of our space and the way we work and the impact was quite significant and immediate.

Our business had suffered a downturn of work over the previous few months and we were struggling to land larger contracts to grow our business. Within literally 1 day of making these changes, 2 large contracts were signed up. Within a week we had landed our single largest contract since our business started.

Our business is now more stable and we have a stronger platform for growth. We have taken on 2 new staff and our sales pipeline is much stronger.

Despite some initial scepticism within our organisation, we certainly now see the benefits in understanding and using energy to our benefit and will continue to do so as our business grows.

J.A. - Leicestershire UK



Feng Shui Consultant and Specialist

Kay is a clear and sensuous teacher. I just love her symbolic language. It helps the students understand this deep wonderful subject in a logical way. She is patient and never gives up before you "get it”.  Her knowledge of the subjects she teaches is deep. I can deeply recommend her workshops.


Nina Wolther, Director of the Imperial School of Feng Shui & Chinese Horoscopes Norway and FengShuiLiving



Horoscopes for Health

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know and write to thank you for your guidance and support. After having my horoscopes read, interpreted and having followed your recommendation to wear a Jade Rooster I feel like life is pumping through my veins again and I have “come alive” after the long 5 bad years I have had and recent developments that had been weighing me down.

I really can’t believe how quickly I have felt the effects and just how profound they have been! I can remember that only a few weeks ago, I had almost lost the ability to smile (yes really!), my heart was heavy and I felt like I was stuck in a rut and even began to start questioning my own ability.

Now I am moving the business forward at a rate that is phenomenal and making my head spin so I have to ensure that I stop occasionally and take a breath with a whole new lease of life! Although I’ve only been wearing the Rooster for 4 days, I can feel the huge difference it has had and people I know have commented on how I seem much more bubbly and happy.

I put the Rooster on Tuesday as you’d suggested, but it’s only today that I’ve stopped to think about all that is now going on in my life and just how different I feel about everything. I have noticed that the past few days I have achieved a great deal more personally and professionally which of course is enhancing my personal energy as I now feel like I am getting things done and so much quicker than I would have a couple of weeks ago.

I must say that when I had the consultation, I was almost at the edge of despair and it’s only at times like this do you seek guidance from the universe, so I wasn’t initially a great believer but the proof really is in the pudding.

The universe had guided me to use your services and I am so glad I did! You come very highly recommended by a few people that I know, some of who also did not particularly believe when enlisting your services and I heard nothing but wonderful things about you, I am happy to be one of those now.

To anyone that thinks this is mumbo-jumbo, give it a try as you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

Mr M - Leicestershire UK




Advanced Yuen Hom Feng Shui 1/2

I have had the pleasure of spending many hours of post graduate tuition and problem solving with Master Tom and have enjoyed every minute of it, even the tough bits! Kay’s style is total integrity and a full commitment to ensure that you leave having “got” everything. I am very fond of Oscar Wilde’s observation that “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak aloud and remove all doubt”.


There is something about Master Tom’s essence that encourages totally free communication without censure and creates an environment where it’s alright not to know everything, although you will by the time you leave. This is very close to the Chinese system of teaching that I first encountered nearly twenty five years ago on the Advanced Chinese Government Acupuncture Course and to me was like coming home.


Master Tom also channels the strong spirit of Grand Master Chan in her teaching being a direct student of his and this comes through very clearly. This combined with the great respect she shows him makes Master Tom a great teacher in my eyes. Be prepared to work hard here!


Gerry Hall, UK





6 Kinship Hexagram I Ching 1

The I Ching course was a truly amazing experience which interlaced so many other aspects of Feng Shui, Ba Zi, and Yuen Hom.  The course structure unfolded brilliantly as each day progressed and I have to praise [Master Kay's] ability to teach such a complex subject.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it and I can't wait to study further with [Kay] in the future.


Teoh Berry, UK




Revision Weekend on the Twelve Animals and Ba Zi

Kay’s teaching was clear, measured, enthusiastic and stimulating and held my interest all weekend.  I found the insight into the 12 animals not only fascinating but accurate and I can see how valuable a tool it is. I think that sometimes in studying advanced courses we maybe forget the wealth of knowledge that we have access to at base level.


I count myself privileged to have spent this time with Kay, she certainly answered many of my eternal questions – trait of the dog that I am!


I truly believe that revision/ repeat courses in our discipline are invaluable. For me it is associated with ”growing” both on my part and the teacher’s part. The more I do the more open I become to receive the knowledge.


Thank you Kay from the bottom of my heart for such a gem filled weekend in May. I hope the seed you planted this year will bear fruit in the near future, not only for your benefit but for that of potential students.


Frances Doyan, Switzerland




Advanced Horoscope, Feng Shui and Practitioners Courses

When Master Kay Tom is teaching, you hear and receive very clearly the immense and deep information she is transmitting but you’ll also hear a deep spiritual knowledge, that lasts even long after the course. You can still hear her words years after and through those, the whole lineage of Masters holding your hand


Jacqueline Miettinen, France



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