Chinese New Year of the Wood Dragon 2024

February 10th 2024 sees the birth of the energy of the Wood Dragon 2024: the date of the New Year is set according to the Lunar calendar and the 2nd new moon after the winter solstice. The 1st day of spring was celebrated a few days earlier on February 4th representing an inauspicious start for the Dragon as he arrived after the event. This is known as a blind year that is considered to be unlucky and best not to get married this year. On the plus side, New Year’s Day on February 10th is a wood Dragon day, according to the 10,000 year calendar, adding to the strength of his arrival and making it a happy day. Starting the year as you mean to go on with a positive step will enable you to rise from the ashes as only the Dragon knows how.

The Dragon is the 5th animal in the Chinese Zodiac and is highly respected in the Chinese culture for his leadership, his entrepreneurial skills, and his ability to turn a difficult situation around with his insightfulness and his diplomacy. In a number of Chinese disciplines it is the Dragon that takes the responsibility of leadership, the 24 Heaven Stars, the 28 Lunar Mansions, and the Fate Periods are all infulencial energies to use in the assessment of the energy of a property and all are headed by the powerful Dragon.

The best advice I can offer is to be ready to welcome this valuable energy in order not to miss it. A busy mind on New Year’s Day will be a busy mind throughout the year so always remember:-

“Never enter through a rushed door” Grand Master Chan Kun Wah

This means be prepared to enable you to make informed and clear decisions. Anything done in a rush leads to mistakes and regrets. Take you time and listen to the guidance of the chi, even when you don’t agree with it. 9 times out of 10 when an obstacle is thrown across your path it is because its not the correct path for you.Step back and breathe, reassess your circumstances, and adjust your journey accordingly, only then will peace reign.

A smooth journey throughout the year goes a long way to achieving goals with a feeling of clarity and peace of mind. There is never a more valuable time than the New Year to embark on a spring clean, to clear the clutter and to encourage the fresh energy of the New Year in finding you. This Life Force Energy, Chi, is as vital to you as the air you breathe so repair the broken, refresh the tired, and make your home and work place shine. Placing live plants or flowers as a mark of mutual respect will assure the energy that you value its support and in return it will work for you. The best days to do this are during the period of no moon as this is the time when challenges can multiply and pressure build making it a good time to hit hard. The period of no moon lasts for 3 days before the New Moon, February 7,8,9th 2024 making these the best days to address the refresh and to get ready for the New Year Ahead. (The term no moon does not indicate the work needs to be done through the night therefore any improvements can be done during the day).

New Year New You

With my very best wishes for 2024

Master Chue Kay 隨琪  CH DS YHH

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