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Energy flow around the dining room

Is the energy flowing around your home enough to sustain the family?

No energy flow around bed

This conversion had totally blocked the Chi flow of the property. The developer went bankrupt!

False double doors hide real door

The double doors are false and open onto a partition wall. The actual entrance is through the small door behind the desk. Again, the developer subsequently went bankrupt.

Attract the energy with a grand front door

Size matters when it comes to your front door. The energy must be able to find you.

Understanding Feng Shui

Every building has a directional flow to its energy. If this only flows one way then your money will come in but leave again just as quickly.


Feng Shui to a building is what acupuncture is to the body. Ensure there are no blockages in the meridians of your premises.


Absenteeism in the workplace costs an employer over £500 per missed day according the CBI. Sick Building Syndrome can be the root cause of an unhappy workforce. Address the energy of your building and ensure productivity for your business.


70% of our focus on a consultation is based on the exterior of your building and ensuring a good quality of energy arrives at your premises.


The main door is the mouth of the building through which the nourishment flows and needs to be kept healthy.


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mouth of the building the energy flows

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