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"Full of stories, insights and perspectives to bring the material alive. Her understanding ... is impressive"

Thank you so much! Your analysis is more than professional... it's executive. You are such a lively lady!!!

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About The Energy Specialist

Kay has been working in the field of the Ancient Chinese disciplines of Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscope for more than 20 years.

She practices Chue Style Feng Shui which is to the Feng Shui world what Harley Street is to the medical profession. It quite simply is the best. The quality of Chue Style is that its wisdom has not been conveyed through books but has been passed by word of mouth from Master to Master through the Imperial Courts of China over numerous Dynasties.


Kay is a direct student of her own Master, Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, and is also one of his senior teachers as well as Chairman of his research organisation The Chue Foundation.

She graduated as a Master herself in 2006 after more than 10 years of intense study in many parts of the world including the Far East as well as many of the countries of Europe.

The Chue Lineage

Chue means to Follow. Learn to follow the Life Force Energy and you cannot go wrong as Nature knows best.

There is nothing more powerful than Nature; recent events in the USA illustrated that perfectly when the arrival of Hurricane Sandy bought NYC to a standstill.

Everything Chue Style recommends is based entirely on the Four Seasons and the Law of the Five Elements within those seasons.

Understand the season and the appropriate action for that season and you understand life. That is a very bold statement. Chue is bold because it has the confidence of Nature behind it.

Quality of Energy is Quality of Life

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