The Importance of the Main Gate in Feng Shui

The simplest and most cost-effective way of encouraging prosperity to your property is to ensure a generous supply of the best quality of Chi is arriving at your main door. This Chi will then enter the premises and sustain the people within, in their health and wellbeing, ambitions and opportunities. If the Chi is blocked or has escaped to a neighbouring property then the potential of these benefits are lost.

“Guidance to the Chi is the Key” Master Chue Kay

First Impressions Count and to most this is the Main Gate to the property. This carries the same role and responsibility as the receptionist in a multimillion-pound company for if she/he creates an unfavourable first impression then the customer never gets further than the door, no matter the quality of the business on offer.

A Main Gate needs to be able to access the approaching Source of Chi at the earliest opportunity otherwise this valuable Chi can be lost as it continues on its merry way.  The movement of Chi is much like a curious child that acts in an instant as soon as something attracts the child’s attention, making it important to draw attention to your space rather than allowing the Chi to simply not notice you and disappear into the grounds of a neighbour. A Feng Shui consultant can then offer further advise on the appropriate location of a Main Gate through the Form of the surrounding environment and from Flying Star calculations to further enhance the prospects of the people using the premises.

“Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows” Grand Master Chan Kun Wah

The Role of the Main Gate

  • to attract and welcome the attention of the Source of Chi and to harness the potential it brings. This can be enhanced by setting the position of the gate back into the property slightly to create a clear space in front of the gate for the Chi to collect.
  • gates posts play a vital role too in that they are the “assistants” supporting the responsibility of the “leader,” the gate. These need to be generous and of a height that commands attention
  • collectively this area is creating the first impression so the more welcoming this feels the better. Landscaping and the installation of healthy planting will support the continuity of the flow of Chi and if this can create a shape to replicate a pair of open arms that embrace and welcome the Chi and in turn the visitor so much the better (as the walls either side of the gate do in the image above.)
  • Chi circulates 24×7 making it important to illuminate the Main Gate at night. This can be as simple as installing a light behind your property name or number that is located in an elevated position on the gate post. The elevated position commands respect by encouraging the visitor to look up to the occupants on arrival.
  • when the gates are opened it is important the movement is free flowing and that they do not block the arrival of Chi – my preference on larger gates is the sliding gate that slips into the wall or hedge line of the perimeter boundary.
  • when closed the gate locks the Chi of the property for the occupants to utilise making it valuable to use a solid gate with no gaps underneath where the Chi can “leek away”
  • the shape of the gate can be advised according to the Flying Stars of each individual property but generally a rounded shape to the top of the gate will encourage longevity and prosperity. Avoid pointed shapes that can have the effect of pushing the Chi away.
  • the colour of the gate depends on its location. As a general rule the northeast gate is best painted red or at least have red accents in the landscaping if this is a large gate, but in preference this is a gate a Feng Shui consultant would avoid by moving to a slightly different location if possible as it can cause irritations to the occupants. A south Gate on the other hand must not be painted red as the energy is already very active, very Yang, and the red colour can cause overload. A north Gate is very Yin and the occupants more private people. This Gate does not need to see Black or Dark Blue colours otherwise the occupants can become more withdrawn and anti social. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when choosing a colour for a Gate making it important to take the advice of your Feng Shui consultant.
  • the key is to always keep the Gate and surrounding area well maintained, light and bright and welcoming.

in this image there can be no mistaking where the main door is located to the approaching Chi as the gate slides back to allow access.


Master Chue Kay CH DS YHH