The Science of Feng Shui: Dispelling the Myth

The Science of Feng Shui: Dispelling the Myth

Feng Shui is a natural science that is based on the laws of Nature. The disciplines and principles of Feng Shui are more than 3000 years old and have withstood the test of time as they are as valuable today as they were at their birth. What Chue Style Feng Shui is not is intuitive, new age, or mumbo jumbo.

Chue Style Feng Shui stands out from the rest of the field in its quality. The Chue Lineage dates back through many generations of the Imperial Courts of China where dedicated men have made countless personal sacrifices to ensure the continuity of this valuable knowledge for generations to come.

The knowledge of Chue Feng Shui has only ever been passed on by the direct word of a master to his student to ensure there is no misinterpretation of something taken from the pages of a book. Furthermore, no knowledge has ever been shared without prior research into that topic to ensure the quality and accuracy of the content of the Chue courses.

Chue Style Feng Shui 100% follows the intricacy of the laws of nature and with the understanding of the language of nature can utilise her resources through the connection of an array of scientific principles that have been learned in both the classroom environment and through nature’s own examples in mountains around the world.

To the Chinese nation there is a natural understanding and acceptance of the principles of Feng Shui and its power. To the Western mind this is not so easy to equate but in this age of multi-cultural societies we are learning to listen to and to accept these cultural traditions.

The most important aspect of a successful Feng Shui consultation is Respect. The respect is for depth of the knowledge being applied to a given circumstance, but more importantly is a respect of the energy that is being used. Energy knows best and only moves when its ready. It does not move if it is not respected, and the results don’t come. This is as simple as the Law of Attraction. If you don’t trust your surgeon at the outset of a diagnosis the resulting surgery will not be successful. It is important to trust the professional, his years of study and his years of experience.

I saw this many years ago when my master, Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, was helping a fellow student in her endeavour to promote her business. After applying his recommendations her response was, “well, we will see.” In that moment she has broken the trust in her master and in the guidance of the energy. She left the organisation not long after this and lost the vital connection to the energy of her master and her lineage.

A consultation fee is a token of respect, not only to the consultant but more importantly to the connection of the energy. To question a fee that has been quoted, to pay late, and worse of all not to pay at all, is a sure route to failure. This isn’t to say a consultant will set an extortionate fee it is simply to say that fees are set with due consideration to the strength of the energy needed to address the circumstances being presented. In Hong Kong it is quite normal for a master to ask the equivalent of £100,000 for a consultation. This can be for something as seemingly simple as selecting a suitable family gravesite because the family considers this fee is an investment in the family for generations to come and how can anyone put a price on that?

Chue’s Honorary President, Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, had dedicated his life to furthering the knowledge of the principles of Feng Shui to the people in the West. He arrived in the UK in 1967 unable to speak English but after years of working hard in his Chinese restaurant he learned to speak the language and to understand the culture, and only then was he was able to open his first school in Scotland in 1996. Since that day he has taught numerous students across Europe while continuing his research and presenting an array of topics within the Feng Shui umbrella. Feng Shui on residential and commercial premises, Chinese Horoscope, I Ching, Dice I Ching, Global Yearly Predictions and Yearly Personal Fate to name a few. He has written his own 10,000-year calendar, designed a Lopan (Chinese compass), and even today in his semi-retirement he is writing books to ensure the continuity of the Chue knowledge. No other master in the world has given so much to his students and to his clients. Chue Style Feng Shui is PURE.

Collectively man has three aspects to his being, mind, body, and spirit, all of which need to function well to maintain his equilibrium and wellbeing. The mind can learn to relax, to meditate, to experience a walk in nature, to help an imbalance. The body can focus on diet, exercise, and sleep to restore bodily functions. Loving the self can lift the spirit. Feng Shui addresses all three, the mind, the body, and the spirit to address an imbalance.


Our Natural Resources

Heaven Earth and Human

Heaven is the most powerful of our natural resources and nothing and no one can control Heaven. When the rain comes, when the sun shines, when the tornado rips an area to shreds, nothing on earth has the strength or fortitude to change the course that Heaven dictates. The action is Yang in its intensity and in its forthright intention. A recent example of this is the Pandemic of 2020/2021 that bought the whole world to a standstill.

Earth receives the will of Heaven and stores the energy in her bowels. This is the role of Yin, to receive the energy and to store and nurture for the procreation of future generations. Hence her name, Mother Earth. To say she is worldly wise is an understatement as her wealth of experience is surpassed by no one. There is no greater power available to Man than that of Mother Nature. Nothing and no one surpass her wealth of ancient experience and her deep understanding of life and of her own strengths and abilities. Mother Nature is at one with herself as she offers the platform for Man to live and walk upon.

Man is the procreation of these two powerful resources and is the channel between the two. Man is the go between, as Heaven has sent its blessings and challenges and Earth helps Man to understand and utilise the lessons.

Chue Stye Feng Shui respects all this and understands the language of nature through observing the movement of the sun through the 24 hours of the day, the movement of the moon through its 28-day cycle, and the influence of the 4 seasons and their impact on the yin and yang aspects of life.


Yin needs Yang and Yang needs Yin

To bring these two valuable commodities together is to create something.

The sperm needs the egg, and the egg needs the sperm. This is a basic rule, applicable in all aspects of life.

Yang is action, is growth, is strength, is male. Shown in white in this ancient t’ai chi diagram of the movement of yin and yang.

Yin is receiving, is nurturing, is more delicate, is female. Shown in black in the diagram above.

Inside yang there is a representation of yin, shown as the back spot.

Inside yin there is a representation of yang, shown as the white spot.


In life the male represents yang, is bold and physically strong and shoulders responsibility: Inside, the white spot is yin and not so strong when it comes to dealing with emotional matters

The female body has the weaker body represented by yin, but inside is much stronger, white dot, on dealing with the emotions with the yang to support her.


Understanding Yin and Yang is paramount to understanding life. In some way we all set out to achieve something each day. Quite simply, to do this we need Yin and Yang to come together.


Compass: The 8 Directions or the 4 Cardinal Points and the 4 Inter Cardinal Points.

To understand the movement of the energy a Chue consultant uses his Lopan, Chinese Compass designed by Grand Master Chan. Each of the 8 directions have been divided into 8 sectors to give 64 possible energetic readings of a property. The compass is based on the ancient tai chi diagram and therefore illustrates the movement of yin and yang.

This is the purity of the Chue Knowledge that is 100% based on the Science of Nature

My words demonstrate just the tip of the Chue Iceberg, but I trust will help to give some concept of the power of Chue Style Feng Shui and its direct connection to Nature.

Thank you, Grand Master Chan for your patience, your guidance, your love, and most of all for your lifelong dedication to furthering the Chue knowledge to enhance the future wellbeing of man.


Master Kay Tom CH DS YHH

Co Chairman the Chue Foundation