Lunar New Year 2024 The Wood Dragon


Chinese New Year 2024 welcomes the arrival of the Wood Dragon who is more than eager to impart his wisdom on the world at large. The Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology recognises the fact that people naturally follow the examples set to them and so it is we view with eager anticipation the grand entrance of this very distinguished animal and the trends he intends to set for the year ahead for us all to follow.


The Dragon is also known as Loon Lou and is held in high regard in the Chinese culture as he heads several powerful disciplines used to understand the values of nature. The 28 Lunar Mansions (star constellations) the 24 Heaven Stars (energies that move regularly and impact directly on our properties) and the Fate Periods of the 180-year cycle of eras are all headed by the Dragon. Leadership and respect go hand in hand with the Dragon, his most prominent reputation being that of one to “Transform the Chi”. This means he knows how to turn an ailing situation around, the key to success in any challenge.


The message of the Dragon for 2024 is “Don’t be afraid to rise to your challenges.”  There are times in life when we get thrown a curved ball just when we are thinking the finish line of a project is in sight and our immediate reaction is one of disappointment. The truth of the matter is the fact that in some way the path you are currently treading is not the one for you. Take a breath, swallow your pride, and let the Dragon guide you to a more fulfilling outcome as to turn things around is his forte.


The Dragon is an entrepreneur with vision, and it is in this light that ideas and inspirations will come to those who are open to the prospect. His natural seat is in the southeast making this a very important location within your property to keep well maintained to allow the powerful energy of the Dragon to flow to you. If your main door is in the southeast, then keep the area refreshed, light and bright, and a place where you feel eager to enter. Chi Follows Form, so if the entrance is welcoming then the Dragon Chi will enter with enthusiasm. All southeast sectors hold the same potential of harnessing the Dragon’s blessings so take care of this aspect of your property, both inside and out.


The Dragon has several allies that he can delegate to, one very important one being the Rooster in 2024. The Rooster is very attracted to the Dragon and this natural union can bring a marriage proposal in 2024 with the connection being so strong. In addition, the Rooster and Dragon are sitting with the leaders meaning they are taking on responsibility and leadership with a strong potential of financial rewards. The Rooster represents the direction of west where there is a warning to stay within the letter of the law, especially where the motor car is concerned. Be sure not to drive too fast, drink and drive, jump a red light or park illegally, especially in the west of a district, for to do so will attract the penalties.


The Monkey Is also a very important member of the Dragon’s team. His lively nature and love of life makes him the instigator of any project and the starter motor of the team. In 2024 the Monkey has his eye on the money energy and will provide the audience necessary to listen to his ideas and present the opportunities. His direction is southwest making this an important sector of a property to refresh and keep well maintained and free of heavy pieces of furniture that will hold this lively energy down. People born in the year of the Monkey will be out there with the players and can expect a busy year.


The Rat is the third member of the team, the Dragon, the Monkey, and the Rat. Unsurprisingly the Rat’s focus is also on leadership and the financial chi. This animal knows how to negotiate a good deal and his confidence is high. To support the Rat’s energy, take care of the north sector of your property and focus your attention on business leads in the north as there is unexpected money sitting there. One word of warning for the Rat is to take good care of his appearance especially when meeting with the audience that the Monkey has arranged. Remember, first impressions count.


The Dog does not sit well with the Dragon as their opinions are poles apart. The Dog therefore should not expect any favours from the Dragon as there are no roles on offer for him this year. This is not all doom and gloom; it simply means there is more time to play.  Let go of the reins for a while, take more time off and take up new hobbies and pastimes as 2024 is not the year to make major decisions or commitments. It will help to support anyone born in the year of the Dog to wear a red string around their waist to help to ward off any challenges. Do not make any major purchases such as a new home or get married in 2024 as the energy will not flow smoothly.


The Tiger belongs to the season of spring, as does the Dragon. The two therefore have a common interest in motivating the movement of the energy of the year. This is particularly important in 2024 as the common interest is the promotion of the wood energy. The element of wood represents rising energy, intelligence and education making learning a new skill and an attractive and productive option for the Tiger this year. The location the Tiger is northeast that is also a vital position in general for launching projects and these projects can take off quickly providing the northeast sector is kept well maintained.


The Horse can provide support to the Dragon, but he is well down the Dragon’s list of favorites making this a year for the Horse to focus on his own projects and priorities. In fact, the Horse is a problem solver in 2024 and another one to recognise the opportunities when they pop up. This is a valuable skill as opportunities rarely show themselves twice so the Horse’s keen eye knows when to act quickly. The bonus is that the Horse keeps his energy to himself and does not dilute his efforts by dividing his time amongst others. It is the Horse who stays focused in 2024. If he does need help the Horse will do well to work with the Tiger in 2024.


The Sheep can also team up with the Horse to lend support as together the two feed off each other’s ideas. The Sheep likes it best when he is out and about as he doesn’t like to be alone. He is a social animal and will benefit from networking in the evening in 2024 so if there is a particular contract or something you are chasing in 2024 wining and dining in the evening is the key. The Sheep is blessed, and things usually work out in his favour but it is important to stay within the letter of the law in 2024 to avoid penalties. The progress may be slow for the Sheep this year, but the future is looking much brighter by the end of the year.


The Ox is representing the Sheep’s future in 2024 where good fortune sits. The added attraction here is the ability to continue a journey in a much more comfortable manner.

Anyone born in the year of the Ox can focus on their own priorities as the Dragon has more than enough help on hand. The best place for the Ox to focus his energy on in 2024 is with the Rat and the unexpected money mentioned earlier when we talked about the Rat. To join forces with the Rat is to connect to this energy so keep the north position well maintained.


The Pig is sitting in a very strong position with lots of extremely valuable support. For this reason, if any adversity hits the Pig there are resources to draw upon to find a solution. This is a particularly valuable energy for anyone in business as the seat of the Pig, the northwest, is where the leaders tend to sit. Refresh the area and keep it well maintained and this powerful energy will automatically come to you.


The Snake will have the responsibility of the energy of the year in 2025 making this year a year in waiting. He will observe the examples of the Dragon and will do well to study and learn new skills. It is a happy situation and one for focusing on the self in terms of health and fitness to be ready for the change of pace next year. There are many blessings for the Snake in 2024, especially in the sun light when the energy is active. The message for the Snake is to enjoy himself this year. If this gets too lonely then he can call on the energy of the Monkey in the southwest by keeping this area free of heavy furniture and well maintained.


The Rabbit does not want to take on any extra responsibilities in 2024 and is best to make himself the priority wherever he can. The Rabbit needs to learn to say No as he has been spreading himself too thinly making 2024 a year for putting himself first. There is a tendency to overdo things, that can lead to ill health. The good news is that once this is highlighted then the drain on his energy stops as to identify a weakness is to become aware of it and to then be ready to notice it and address it if the need arises. The Rabbit is best to join forces with the Pig in 2024 as then he will be so much stronger and gain the ability to find a more comfortable structure to his life that brings peace of mind. The Rabbit’s mantra could be “the most reliable person in my life is me” for if you fall so too does the flock that you have been trying to carry. The best advice is to spend time with the Pig in the northwest making it important to keep this area well maintained and free of heavy furniture or anything that is broken.

With my best wishes for 2024

隨琪 Master Chue Kay CH DS YHH