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Energy flows through everything and so too does the Energy Specialist's knowledge and advice - in books, magazine articles, videos, radio broadcasts and blog posts.

Please enjoy the varied selection below which demonstrate Mother Nature's influential power on our everyday lives. 


South China Morning Post feature - China's business tycoons backed by the power of the Pig

South China Morning Post article snippet


Featured on America's KRSO Radio

Speaking to a Californian morning news show, The Energy Specialist covers Chinese horoscope, feng shui and more as the new Year of the Pig commences.


Featured in Femail, Mail Online

Mail Online feature for Year of the Pig

Covering the Year of the Pig, this top shared post from The Energy Specialist reveals the impact he'll have on our lives in the forthcoming year. Read the article »


Featured on houzz

Use Feng Shui to get your home in shape

Feng Shui your home for the Winter Solstice


In Print

Easy Tiger - 2010 The Year of RomanceEasy Tiger - 2010 The Year of RomanceEasy Tiger - 2010 The Year of Romance

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House Doctor page 1 - Soul & Spirit magazineHouse Doctor - page 2 - Soul & Spirit magazine

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Soul & Spirit magazine, Energy Specialists Mend a Broken HeartSoul & Spirit magazine - Energy Specialist's Mend a Broken Heart page 2


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Boosting Your IntuitionIntuitionBoosting Your IntuitionBoosting Your Intuition

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Blog Posts


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  • Prediction magazine gave 5* to The Twelve Animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

    An introductory piece which informs about the characteristics and interaction of the 12 Chinese Animals and their influence on our lives.


    Download the digital version: only £9.99


    Note: Please make sure that after payment confirmation, you click "Return to the Energy Specialist" to access the download page.

    Chinese Animals Overview

    Alongside the 12 Chinese Animals MP3, the Energy Specialist has put together a sample character overview.

    This free sample explores the Earth Dog (1958), the Wooden Snake (1965) and the Fire Tiger (1986).

    Read the Character Overview »

  • Nature's Energy is flowing on Youtube

    The Energy Specialist introduces Chue Style Feng Shui and indicates the potential gained from harnassing nature's energy.



  • Femail, Mail Online

    Mail Online feature for Year of the Dog

    Talking about The Year of the Dog, The Energy Specialist reveals what's on the cards for each of the zodiac signs. Read the article »

    Mail Online feature for Royal baby 2018

    The Energy Specialist analyses Prince Louis' Chinese birth chart to determine his personality, strengths and weaknesses, which remarkably align with that of his late grandmother, Princess Diana. Read the article »

  • talkRADIO

    What’s in it for me?! The Energy Specialist gives her forecast for 2018 and the potential the Chinese Year of the Dog can bring to your life - or not, live on talkRADIO.

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