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Attracting more romance at this time of year

At this time of year, with the winter solstice fast approaching and bringing with it the longest night and shorter days of natural light, it is not surprising that we tend to reign in and focus on indoor activities. Gone are the heady days of summer and of open air concerts and al fresco dining late into the night. This is the season of log fires, hot casseroles and the fragrance of cinnamon on the air from the pot of mulled wine brewing in the kitchen.


More than ever at this time of year we need to use all of our senses to stimulate the energy that is naturally getting ready to bed down for the winter and rest. It is a fact that people follow nature’s energy and so as it slows down so do we. What we need to do is use all of our resources to keep it moving and thus attract that romantic encounter to our door.


  • First and foremost at the beginning of each new season or in this case when sowing the seeds of intention I would always refresh the energy of the house by opening all the windows and doors on a sunny day to move the old energy through.
  • Illuminate your front door at night with a pair of lamps on either side of the door at a height above eye level. This acts like a pair of eyes looking out
  • Polish all of the door furniture such as the door knob and the letter box to reflect the lights at night
  • Make your entrance hall welcoming with fresh flowers and plants which bring new life into the house every time you walk in. Red or pink flowers are best for romance.
  • Keep the hall way clutter free and if possible have a chair in the hall which suggests “welcome and please stay” to your visitors
  • Make the windows to the front of the property attractive with lamps or candles in the window to suggest the promise of the warmth within
  • Use soft lighting such as lamps which is always more romantic than that which comes from stark florescent bulbs.
  • Make your home a welcome space with bowls of food dotted around for your visitor. Satsumas are wonderful as they also add a splash of colour. A richly decorated box of biscuits on a kitchen worktop will always attract attention.
  • Use scented candles to awaken the sense of smell.
  • The smell of home cooking is also a stimulant to the energy as is freshly brewed coffee.
  • Keep your home warm. Log fires will add in the fragrance of the burning wood too.
  • Check out the north west area of your property which represents the male energy and be certain this is clutter free with no heavy objects like large pieces of furniture to hold the energy down. If you have a special someone in mind then this is also an appropriate place to have his photograph. If this area is a bathroom or toilet then use the north west sector of your sitting room in the same way.
  • If the north west area of your home is a bathroom or toilet then painting it green or placing large stones around the base of the toilet will help to stop the male energy draining away.


Where attention goes then energy flows



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