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There can be no doubt about it, Nature knows best. Of course there are times when you question her motives as in the events surrounding the Icelandic volcanic dust cloud and the subsequent disruptions that were presented to the lives of many people but even so there will be some very positive underlying and indeed valuable lessons to all of you as a consequence of this experience.


Nature understands that there is a time to reap and a time to sow. In the spring the full force of her energy is clear to see when the fresh green shoots and young plants burst forth through the very cold soil that has been endured throughout the winter season. The spring season is represented by the element of wood as this is when it is born via the young shoots. As the season progresses the sun’s energy gets stronger and through this warmth the plants will grow. This subsequently leads us into the birth of the summer, a season that is represented by the fire element because of its heat. We can therefore say that the wood of the spring is feeding the fire of the summer.

Elements star diagram - Earth, Fire, Wood, Water, Metal

This is the beginning of The Cycle of The Five Elements


The basis of the principles of Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscope is the understanding of the movement of Nature through the Cycle of the Five Elements and its immediate influence on your life. Nature surrounds you and directly affects your mood, your well being and your quality of life. To understand this just consider how you feel after a long cold winter season when the sun starts to shine through and its warmth can be felt on your skin. It never fails to bring a smile because the imbalance of the cold winter has been addressed.


Addressing an imbalance is the skill of the Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscope practitioner. Your home is surrounded by Nature and will have elemental effects within the property; your life path has an elemental quality too that is calculated through your date of birth. When there is an overload of a particular element it will have direct subsequent affects on you.


As an example:  if there is too much wood in a chart then the fire will burn too strongly. An acupuncturist will assure you that the heart is the organ of the fire element and so therefore this organ can be under pressure at this time. A skilled Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscope practitioner will advise you on how to redirect this excess wood energy and reduce its influence on the health issue.

This is Nature at its Best

Addressing the Symptoms and more importantly also the Cause

Get the Power of Nature on your side

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