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First Impressions Count

Bordeauz Palace reflects golden light into the water front

If you have any concept of the law of attraction you will understand that like attracts like, and so it is with the utmost confidence I say to you “first impressions count for a lot”.


The image above is of La Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux, France with the miroir d’eau in front. The reflection in this water gives the impression that the streets of Bordeaux are paved with liquid gold and indeed they are for this region produces very large quantities of everyday wine as well as some of the most expensive wines in the world, including premier cru and the finest red wines. This view is the first sight of the city as you approach the dock of Bordeaux harbour and there can be no doubt that the wealth in this image has been reflected into the lives of the inhabitants of the city and that like has attracted like.


In the Feng Shui world one of the most important considerations for a property is the main door. Here again the desire is to create a good first impression and thus encourage an excellent energy source into that building so that in just the same way as the streets of Bordeaux feed its inhabitants, so too will your property feed you. This may seem a very simple philosophy, indeed someone recently said to me that it is basic common sense but you would not believe how many buildings do not acknowledge this fact.


Bordeaux Hotel with a small main entrance

The main entrance to this very beautiful hotel is far too small for the proportion of the building and thus it is that the energy finds it very hard to supply the people within. If you consider the main entrance as the mouth of the building through which the energy flows then there is very little nourishment passing through the main door. The consequence of this is that this hotel is very quiet and many rooms are left unoccupied.



Curve Theatre, Leicester building


The Curve Theatre at Leicester, but where is the door?

Curve Theatre with obscure entrance


The tiny row of pink lights denote the entrance

Not surprisingly this project went £6,000,000 over budget!


Make an Entance

Beauty Salon with chair in porch

This hair salon knows how to create a good first impression as not only is the door grand and welcoming but also there is a chair that suggests a welcome that will encourage you to stay a while. The lighting adds to the warmth, the paintwork fresh and even the striped fabric blowing in the breeze will attract the attention of the energy to this business.


Where Attention Goes Then Energy Flows

French street with lit building

Lighting plays a very important role too as with careful use it can encourage energy to your property 24X7 and thus allow your building to continue to work for you even when you are at home in bed renewing your own energy supply.



The first, the last, the everything. That's energy.

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