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The Dawn of the Age of Aquarius - Part II

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Saturday 14th February 2009 at 7.25am saw the dawn of the Age of Aquarius denoting the planetary aspect of the moon being in the 7th house of relationships and Jupiter aligned with Mars. The last time this happened was in 1962 which also saw the beginning of the Hippie era and the ensuing season of love and unified efforts for world peace. The swinging sixties were revolutionary times that formed a solid platform for the decades to come. The music industry was one of the most affected sectors with the arrival of bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones who can still command the same acclaim as they did almost 50 years ago. London’s west end theatre land was also part of this tidal wave of euphoria and heralded the arrival of new musicals such as Hair which was well removed from the comfort zone of its predecessors My Fair Lady and Oklahoma.  The words of tracks from Hair such as Aquarius still run through the minds of those who witnessed these times over four decades later.


Without a doubt the sixties was a period of tremendous fortitude and great pizzazz. The feeling in the air was one of huge confidence and the strongest belief in one’s cause. Nothing and no one would convince you that you were on the wrong track, indeed it wasn’t a question that ever came into anyone’s head. Everyone seemed to know what they wanted, where they were going and how they were going to get there. Job done, no questions asked, just get on and do it. Compromise never came into the equation and doubt most certainly didn’t.


So where did all this come from? In fact the Hippie generation were children of the late 40s and early 50s so products of the World War 2 years (1939-1945). These children had been born as their parents emerged from a state of adversity and the deprivations of war. With them had come the hope of a better future which was to manifest itself through open displays of affection and a oneness with nature and the world at large. They were also known as the children of the flower power and although some of the insights were drug induced it was also the dawn of a more respectful attitude and acknowledgment of the power of nature.


It was a new era and the Hippies were carving out and building a road along which future generations were to follow. It was a period of great unity and the friendships that were formed during these years have also stood the test of time. Today a lot find it inexplicable as to why people from so many decades ago should still remain close friends, or if not close friends who still have a common thread of unity whereby time just falls away when they do meet up and chat together like it all happened yesterday. In this moment for them time has stood still.


So what does this new dawn of the Age of Aquarius bring and what can we all expect? There are many parallels to the dawn of 1962 leading up to this moment not least of which is the adversity being experienced by many through the current financial instabilities of 2009. Just like the war years this is a period of uncertainty, a period of unknown quantities and a period of fear of what the hand of fate may deal out to us next. If we think of this circumstance in terms of a large overgrown bush sitting in the garden it is a period of tremendous chopping back, in some cases a chopping back as far as down to our roots. This can only be in the best interest for the bush, to chop out the dead wood and make way for the growth of the new. As long as the root is healthy this circumstance can only be of great benefit in the long run.


This is where nature comes in as nature intended. In fact she sets a fine example. If we look at the cycle of the four seasons, we have the autumn when we sow the seeds, the winter when the seeds stay warm in the ground to germinate, the spring when the shoots show through the earth and the summer when we enjoy the glory of the full bloom, then back to the autumn when we reap what we have sown. My feeling is that the seeds of recovery have been sown by the governments and financial institutions of the world in the autumn of 2008 by the mere exposure of the problem in hand. No longer was this situation allowed to be left to fester, the wound was addressed. These seeds now need careful nurturing and attention over the winter months and into the spring always being mindful that nature knows best and no amount of force rearing is going to produce a healthy outcome. Patience is the key and one would trust if we can show great restraint and resolve in seeing this situation through to its conclusion then there will be a bush laded with fine fruit at the end of it for us all to share.


This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, part 2 and a new era for all of us. I would trust this will be an era of a greater understanding and respect of the course of nature, a more sympathetic ear to her voice and a season of contentment for all of us. Our ‘war’ has simply been a period of adjustment in order for us to get a better perspective on our lives and to really value what we do have around us. In just the same way as with the rationing of the war years we have had to learn about mending and making do and not simply rushing to the shops in the throw away society we had become.  We have had to learn to cut our cloth accordingly and not live beyond our means and learn the lesson of our ancestors that if you look after the pennies the pounds look after themselves. We have come full cycle and arrived once again at the season of love. We must trust that this Age of Aquarius will again be the springboard to revolutionary times that produce a confidence within ourselves, a clear direction in our minds, a sense of peace in our hearts and a time for us to reap what we have sown. I would urge you not to be afraid of hard work, it never killed anyone and it will pay dividends in the end.





Master Kay Tom

February 2009

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