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The Year of the Sheep - 2015

2015, Year of the Sheep

Each year has its own animal according to Eastern Philosophy and the Journey of the 12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac. This animal is representing the energy of the Earth and is accompanied by a representation of Heaven’s energy. 2015 is the year of the Wood from Heaven accompanying the Sheep.

The energy of WOOD is a rising energy representing the sunrise and the dawn of the new day. It also represents the spring and the direction of East. The energy of wood is vital and full of promise and is eager to impress and eager to learn.

In the cycle of the 12 animals the SHEEP sits in the South and represents the end of summer so in fact holds major responsibility in the handing over of the energy of the year to the next season, that being autumn. For this reason he is a diplomat who understands trading and negotiation very well.

The sheep may be a quiet animal but he is also a shrewd one in that he knows how to hold his energy and not to waste it. In this same way the sheep is very loyal to the wood element and stores the wood chi in his belly. The sheep truly understands his role and carries it out with diligence and without complaint. He respects his leader/boss and is happy to follow his instructions to the letter doing all that is expected of him in a thorough and concise way. When the job is done the sheep is keen to head back to the flock, he does not push any boundaries but does just enough to satisfy his dependants’ needs.

The sheep is a calm and peaceful animal and only attacks if he is attacked first. The 2015 Wood Sheep is a Mountain Goat with a beard and sharp horns which he will only ever uses in defence. This sheep loves open spaces and only congregates in small groups. He knows how to navigate steep slopes and has a good sense of balance and survival. His judgement is unquestionable because he knows one wrong step can kill him.

Ironically although the energy of the sheep is a stark contrast to that of the 2014 Horse these two animals actually hold a lot of respect for each other and so the Sheep will carry some of the Horse’s leadership qualities forwards into the New Year,. This handover of responsibility from one year to the next is often a challenging one that causes a lot of turmoil in our life but the Horse and the Sheep hold a great dignity and respect between them and so the transition will be a smoother one. In this respect we can look forward to a calmer January than that of recent years.

In summary 2015 is ruled by an animal who leads from the back and so we can expect a much calmer year than 2014. Don’t be fooled into thinking it will be an easy ride with little authority as this most definitely is not the case. The sheep will rule in an authoritive way without us even realising it, he will simply get on and do his job. Quite simply the ground rules that have been laid down by the horse of 2014 will be followed through until they are stamped with a seal of approval and the document closed. We shall be keen to move forwards off the back of the efforts put down in 2014 but without the burnout.

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2015 Pillars of Destiny

2015 Pillars of Destiny chart

The birth chart of 2015 shows a year that is represented by the element of Yin Fire. This is a fire that wants to warm and also to illuminate the path for all of us. On the surface this fire appears strong with a tendency to flare up at any moment bringing unexpected fame and fortune. Inside there is some insecurity in that there are missing elements or the main supporting elements are weak which suggests that we have to work hard to encourage the energy to go through to fulfil our goals.

Supportive Elements are Earth/weak: Metal/not present: Water/weak

Avoid Elements are Wood and Fire

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