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Weight vs. Wait

When is weight not a weight? ...When it is a wait.

Hillside mountain

No one had ever said that weight loss is easy. It takes grit and determination, it takes courage, and at times it takes discipline and strong will to stay on course. That goal weight can often feel like it is sitting at the summit of a mountain where the last ascent is the steepest of all and those few remaining stubborn pounds feel like the hardest to shift.

In just the same way as climbing a mountain the weight loss journey can be a challenging one too. The weekly weigh in and nutritional advice is invaluable to helping you stay on course. Indeed the support that comes from the professionals and your fellow dieters is priceless and boosts your self belief and your self will. In these meetings you are working as a team and it is the team spirit that drives you on when the going gets tough and you strive to reach the summit.

The course of the journey to the summit can at times reach a plateau, those times when you find yourself dipping occasionally in the regime and the pounds just stay where they are. You know the summit is within reach and yet it feels so near and yet so far. Be not afraid and most of all at this stage do not fear failure but maintain your focus. The prize is within your reach for as every mountaineer will tell you, it is all about the timing. The final ascent can only come when the conditions are exactly right. You have to WAIT whilst you maintain and prepare yourself for the final steps.

Of course in life you are not physically climbing this mountain but there will be some aspect of your life that can be likened to the experience. What is it that you are WAITING for? What is it that is holding you on this plateau and blocking your weight loss? Answer this question and you will find the journey suddenly becomes much lighter because you have identified the baggage and have the option to leave it at base camp thus making the final daunting ascent a breeze.

A breeze because it is only your weight that you are now carrying and not the wait of those burdens that were holding you down and making every step so much more demanding.

Be not afraid to put the baggage down as sometimes this baggage is our hopes and dreams. Hopes and dreams which are also prone to the plateau syndrome and in order to be fulfilled the timing and conditions also have to be right. Leaving them at base camp does not necessarily mean goodbye indeed on the descent they could be waiting with open arms. For now it is a time of pushing through the boundaries, making YOU THE PRIOROTY and trusting your journey is on exactly the right path.

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