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Be Your Own Bandwagon

“If you see a bandwagon, it’s too late”

-Sir James Goldsmith on the topic of how to become filthy rich.


Stepping stones



How often have we given a deep sigh and said “if only I had thought of that” or “it’s alright for her, she’s lucky” or “it’s OK for him he has time on his hands”? The list is endless and we can make excuses until the cows come home but at the end of the day success is about determination, self belief and a strong focus on where we want to be. Even then there are no guarantees. We need true grit in our resolve, a sense of valour in our hearts and the courage of our ancestors who have fought wars on empty stomachs and lived to tell the tale. It could be called the benefit of hindsight when we join the bandwagon. It’s an exciting place to be and will hold a promise of opportunity but it is someone else’s idea and ultimately someone else’s benefit. Hindsight is a powerful thing so how can we turn this around to ensure we are ahead of the game, indeed to ensure we are that bandwagon?


The most difficult step is the first one as this is the one that takes the most energy. Its like a car needing all the power of the engine to get the motor running and the wheels turning yet once this is in place the natural momentum of the vehicle makes progress a lot easier. This is the time when we most need to pull out the stops and get the ball rolling.



Pool all the resources available to you and maximise on the support they can offer

In China on any property development the first thing to be installed is always the road. The belief is that this will encourage the flow of energy into the area and that the project will then progress more smoothly. I have witnessed this first hand and my observation is that the building site is clean, clutter free, everything in its rightful place and a clarity exists that supports a clear vision of the development of the project, happy faces on the workforce and deadlines achieved with ease.


Our best plan is to have our goals in sight and without fail to be sure to keep our eye on that goal but our priority has to be to get the energy to the project first and foremost. In other words the property developer does not need to concentrate on selling his houses but is best to focus more attention on getting the people to the area in the first place by building the in road. It is a forgone conclusion that once the hard work of the road building is completed then the people will follow very quickly.



Learn to use nature’s valuable Life Force Energy

The principle the property developer is using is that of understanding the flow of Life Force Energy. Life Force Energy is all around us and moves according to the natural topography of the land, in other words where the gradients go the energy flows in the same way that water does. The joy of this energy is that it comes for free and nothing can make more sense in this current economic climate than to use every resource available to us. It is a very simple principle. If we have the energy we can run a marathon, if we don’t have it we fail to get off the starting block.


In the West we understand the value of getting energy into our body and the good health that this can promote. What we often fail to appreciate is the value of getting this Life Force energy into our buildings which hence promotes the well being of the people within.



The energy follows the form of the land and the people follow the energy



When you have a clear vision of your route be sure to keep the road clear

The bandwagon will make the most progress with a clear view of the road ahead. When mist and fog sets in and our vision impaired the journey can become beset with delays so we need to consider the weather forecast and the road reports. The bottom line is, if we know our enemy we can have a strategy in place to deal with him. Indeed it is only when the enemy catches us unaware that we are caught on the back foot and at a disadvantage. Again, we are playing ahead of the game and we are thinking things through with a sense of anticipation and an action plan to cover all eventualities including the use of diversions if necessary.




It takes a lot of energy to be a bad guy. If you can get him to work in your favour then it can be very powerful

Umbrellas sell well in the rain


The street seller with the umbrella stand was the only one laughing on this very wet day.  

He had joined forces with the energy of the bad guy



Tuning in your sat nav

We all have an onboard Satellite Navigation system if only we realised it. We can call it intuition or call it our sixth sense. Learning to trust our instincts goes along way towards making the best decisions. We all know how it feels to sit at a crossroads uncertain on the best route ahead and all probably have had the experience of procrastination over a decision. At times like this the best advice is to be sure to ‘listen to the whispers’ so if you switch on your car radio and the track playing is Sir Cliff Richards singing ‘Congratulations’, then take this as a sign. Go forth and multiply.




Vehicle insurance

Realistically it is never wise to drive without insurance, why would we take that risk? If you watch a gambler in a casino he will always play his cards close to his chest and will only pitch for the ultimate bet when he knows he holds his insurance, the trump card. In his case there is no such thing as an educated guess.



Bee will only collect pollen whilst the sun shines


This bee will only collect the pollen when the sun shines


Off road driving

If you are sure of your vehicle then there is no need to fear a spell of bumpy terrain. No one in their right mind would tackle such a challenge in an unsuitable vehicle so make sure your vehicle is well maintained.





Keep your vehicle in tip-top condition



The grand prix circuit

I heard it said of Lewis Hamilton recently that he is only ever photographed wearing his racing suit despite being a multi millionaire and probably having a wardrobe full of clothes at home. If there is one word of advice Lewis could offer regarding being the champion he is I think that would be to always stay focused. This man has his eye on his target and it can never deviate off the path. His product is Formula 1 and not a designer clothing label and so his apparel is entirely appropriate



Stay focused despite turmoil

Stay focused despite the turmoil surrounding you



The chequered flag

The glory of the winner’s rostrum can be yours no matter what your goal or your walk of life. We don’t all need to be high achievers but we can all gain from that sense of satisfaction in knowing the job was well done at the end of our day. The greatest gift is the sense of self worth and the pride in our achievements no matter if we are competing in the school egg and spoon race or in an Olympic event.


Be your own bandwagon and the glory is yours


Be your own bandwagon and the glory is yours




Spring Equinox, March 21st: The first day of Spring



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