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Debt means despair - Or does it?

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“Having reached the extremity of the void, firmly anchored in quiet while ten thousand beings burst forth as one, I myself contemplate the return. People prosper at every opportunity, but they always return to their roots. To return to one’s roots is quiet.” Lao-tzu


In this modern world where material possessions dominate our lives and schedules and deadlines control our very existence it is a far flung luxury to bask in the sound of silence. It is enough of a challenge to find the time for our tennis session or the trip to the gym regardless of the fact both activities hold the potential of keeping our good health on track.  Indeed some of us only stop when forced to through ill health and even then feel guilty for spending a couple of  days in bed. So, what of our roots? How would it be for a tree to withstand a raging storm without its roots to hold it firm, how would the growth of that tree be without healthy roots?


If we could just take a step back for a second and remove ourselves from the high emotion generated by the circumstances of our current economic climate, in other words if we could take a moment’s silence and take a more general overview, then perhaps we can gain more perspective on the situation.  In truth a lot of us have been forced to stop, have been forced to reign in, have been forced to return to our roots and take stock.  I would say there is no harm in this, no harm is re establishing the roots and ensuring the continued success of the plant, once it has had this healthy pruning.


How would it be if I put it to you that the difficult situation presented to us through such things as debt is no more than a challenge? OK, I hear you say ‘she must be having a laugh’ but cast your mind back over the rich tapestry of experiences along your life path. How many difficult experiences have you had on that journey and how many of these experiences have you not come out on the other side? Every ship has to weather the storms from time to time as good sailing conditions are not a foregone conclusion, freak winds and waves can suddenly appear then its all hands on deck or batten down the hatches and ride the eye of the storm until calm returns.


The bottom line in this scenario is that the circumstances are out of our control. This is the way the natural life force energy is choosing to flow right now. We can try to fight it or bury our head in the sand but that will serve no purpose whatsoever. It would be equivalent to trying to swim upstream; it simply will take every last drop of our energy and leave us in a heap on the floor. As difficult as it may be, as reluctant as we may be to accept the situation, in truth the best course of action  is to go with the natural flow. That isn’t to say give in, it isn’t to say admit defeat, it is simply common sense to utilise all the resources available to us and if that means ‘if we can’t beat them we join them’ then so be it. We have to survive this predicament. We have to turn this energy round and stop the rot.


In my work as an energy consultant one basic rule of thumb that stands the test of time constantly is ‘where the attention goes the energy flows’. Many years ago I was presented with the challenge of being told I had an ovarian cyst and that surgery was necessary imminently. I was given a hospital appointment for one week hence and in that time lived and breathed every aspect and possible outcome of my situation 24x7. The consequence of this was that the cyst had doubled in weight in one week and when it was removed was 8lbs in weight. Where my attention had gone the energy had followed and unwittingly I had made my situation much worse. We have heard it said many times before and there have been many books written on the subject but this one cannot be stressed enough, we must keep our thoughts positive and focus on what we want and not on what we want to avoid. In other words if you constantly think about your debts all you will attract is more debt.  My best advice is to focus on what is good in your life, the debts don’t simply vanish but their importance plays a weaker role and allows the better aspects to shine and guide you to a happy outcome.


So let’s turn this energy round. Roll up, roll up, all the fun of the fair. 10p a go and try and knock the hat off Aunt Sally, join the carousel of brightly painted horses and be transported into a blur of bright lights spinning round and round until you don’t know which way is up, or ultimately step aboard the roller coaster ride and enjoy the eager anticipation of not knowing when the next free fall is coming. We pay for all this and enjoy it! Why not try to see this current challenge of ours as the same thrill? I would encourage you to rise to the challenge and enjoy the achievement of working this thing through for one thing is certain and that is, even though it may currently feel that the tide is out – it always returns.  So upwards and onwards, fight the good fight and welcome every bright new day with the fresh energy that it presents and above all rise to the challenge and of course take extra care of your roots.



Master Kay Tom

January 2009



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