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Feng Shui Politics in the City of London

It is a widely known fact that the principles and secrets of the Ancient discipline of Feng Shui have been applied to the construction of the skyscrapers and prominent buildings of Hong Kong for centuries. Each building endeavouring to control its neighbours and competitors in order to gain dominance for it's occupants in the business world. Indeed no CEO in Hong Kong will make a commitment or major decision without the advice of a Feng Shui Master. Such is the power of this ancient skill.

China Bank skyline

The Bank of China in the centre of this image is making its best endeavour to protect the assets of it's customers from neighbouring competitors. The aggressive angles of it's architecture give the building an overall appearance of that of a warrior's sword that is ready to slay any unwanted intruder.

The first thing that strikes you about the City of London is the mixture of styles of architecture that exists today. At the top of Ludgate Hill on the highest point of the City stands the Medieval St. Paul's Cathedral in all its grandeur. The dominance of Sir Christopher Wren's iconic building was unrivalled for centuries until the " new kids" moved onto the block. The new kids being the Gherkin, The Cheesegrater (The Leadenhall Building) The Walkie Talkie (20, Fenchurch St) and Renzo Piano's Shard on the South Bank.

St Pauls and Gerkin

The Gherkin in the background of St. Paul's Cathedral making his presence known not with the sharp angles and aggression of Hong Kong's Bank of China but in a bold male testosterone statement that size matters. The smooth lines in the shape of The Gherkin do have symmetry with the curves of St. Paul's and indeed compliment but the challenge is undeniable. This is a battle of male power.

London skyline with Cheesegrater

The Cheesegrater, on the left of the picture, and the Walkie Talkie towers are still under construction but their presence is already undeniably felt on the banks of the Thames. The Cheesegrater sending out the message of taking no prisoners in his quest for supremacy "cross me and you will be ground to a pulp" is his statement.

The Walkie Talkie Tower earned its nickname from its similarity in shape to a mobile phone. In fact this building would be very sort after in Hong Kong as it also represents the shape of a stamp or seal which to the Chinese is the ultimate power when you gain the stamp or seal of approval on a document. It represents a successful outcome to your endeavours when the hot wax is placed on your document and the officials stamp is sealed in the wax. This will be a great building for the legal profession.

City Hall, London

This is City Hall at Tower Bridge that sits on the South Bank of the River Thames. This is the office of The City of London's Mayor, Boris Johnson. There is no stability in the shape of this building in fact it gives the impression of "bending under the pressure".

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson. Major of London. Certainly not one to bend under pressure. In fact this Captain is keeping his ship on an even keel.

Tower Bridge at London

The London Shard on the South Bank with the rounded shape of Boris Johnson's office clear to see at it's foot. More male testosterone, this one being open at the top ready to eject its flow of power from its storage sack of City Hall. This building has a direct connection to the power source.

The Shard, London

So the stage is set for the Battle of the Titans, the question being who will be the worthy victor?

Royal Procession

London's strength and power has been built on centuries of tradition, the pomp and ceremony is what makes Britain proud. Traditions that represent old school, old ways and old money and of course our Royalty, all of which have strong roots that make their power steadfast and reliable. St. Paul's Cathedral is the Grand Old General of this army.

The New Kids represent the Neauveau Riche, the new money, head strong and determined to make a difference. Their weakness is their lack of roots because they are young and immature but they have the energy of youth on their side. This showing in their sustainable construction and environmental considerations right down to bicycle stores in their basements. This is a battle of Valour versus Vigour.

Energy works in Periods of Fate. We are fast approaching a new Fate Period which represents "All Change". There can be no doubt that there are major changes ahead and I mean dramatic changes. The Newbies are making a bold challenge of the Old Ways. Maybe there is room for both but then does coalition really work?


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