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The Year of the Snake - 2013

2013, Year of the Snake

New Year Prediction

The snake is known for his charm and his good looks but be assured the beauty is not only skin deep.

The energy around him is much lighter and amenable and far less demanding than the domineering dragon of 2012 who has had a hard task to accomplish throughout his reign with many dramatic changes of circumstance to push through on our behalf.

So it is with a sigh of relief that we greet this more gentle energy of 2013.

There can be no comparison in the stature of the dragon and the snake but nevertheless do not underestimate the power of the King of 2013.

The snake is not one to shout of his accomplishments but plays his cards close to his chest. Indeed he is a quiet and smooth operator who does not waste his energy on unnecessary worries but directs it instead at his target and is therefore always ready to cease the opportunity when it presents itself.

Born in the Year of the Snake: 1941-1953-1965–1977–1989–2001-2013



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