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Year of the Tiger

2010 - The Year of the Tiger

Feel the love

February 14th 2010 welcomes the Chinese New Year and the year of the Tiger who is a formidable fellow who knows exactly what he wants and how he is going to go about getting it. 2010 will be a year of opportunities so as long as you stay in tune with the energy of this fine animal then you will know exactly how to recognise any opportunity that crosses your path and most importantly when to make your move in order to capture the prey.


Providing you stay alert, 2010 can be a year of great successes.


Of course we all understand the power of this mighty animal and the speed at which he can move when motivated to do so. In this light we can expect to be caught off guard at times and then witness changes in our circumstances that come at an alarming rate. This is not a year for the faint hearted but more a year for the entrepreneur with a huge zest for life. This is Action Man personified and of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, the tiger is the motivator of motivators. Quite simply, he makes things happen.


This could well come as a bit of a shock to a lot of us in the light of the very slow energy we have experienced throughout 2009, the Year of the Ox. The Ox is known for being thorough in everything he does and although his results are always to be admired he nevertheless takes a very long time to achieve them. This has been reflected in the money markets of the world that have shown signs of a positive, yet very slow recovery throughout 2009. The Tiger will be determined to move this slow money energy through in 2010 as he will have been exasperated by the stubbornness and slow pace of the Ox.


The best advice for 2010 is to be certain to keep your eye on your target and to keep a clear mind when all around may be losing theirs. This is a very powerful energy on offer and not many people will have the skill and fortitude to handle it. Consequently there will be a lot of confusion in the air and the sheer relief of the respite from the constraints of the financial pressures of the previous few years may cause many to act in haste. Patience is known as the mother of miracles and needs to be practiced throughout the year. If we can act with grace and dignity and not try to run before we can walk we can see a new beginning to our circumstances which provides us with a much needed stable foundation on which to build.


As they say ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ and the best lessons are often learned in the most adverse circumstances. The economic melt down of the last few years has taught us that there are many forms of wealth. People are much more careful about their expenditure, families are spending more time together at home and our health is improving through a more balanced diet rather than that of the working lunch syndrome. The pace of life has slowed down for many and with that has come an improved quality of life and a change of priorities giving a greater appreciation of what we have. The basic law of attraction teaches us that like attracts like. The energy of the Tiger is a powerful one so it is therefore a foregone conclusion that this is the energy we will follow in 2010 and that we will need all the stamina we have accumulated to sustain the action packed year ahead.


February is also the month of the Tiger and so it is there will be an even greater emphasis on his qualities at the Chinese New Year, February 14th. Be prepared as we can expect him to come in with a bang. He has been waiting for a very long time to make his move and quite frankly, for him, the time is now. If you have any plans that have been taking a back seat for a while this is certainly the time to action them. This animal knows his own mind, he knows what he wants, and he most certainly is going to go out and get it. The time for complacency and compromise is over.


Dragonflies entwined with love-heart

Of course February 14th is also St Valentine’s Day so there will be a huge emphasis on relationships energy throughout 2010. For those who have endured frustrations concerning matters of the heart, this will bring a change of heart and a lot more stability and confidence in our current circumstances. The truth of the matter is that we have lost a lot of direction in the love stakes over the years due to the ever demanding cycle of the material world where travel and sacrifice have been the order of the day to obtain our targets. This is the season of love returning as a consequence of that change of priorities we discussed earlier and particularly for those seeking romance there is a tremendous likelihood of meeting our soul mate.



The Tiger’s natural mate is the Pig

The Rabbit’s natural mate is the Dog

The Dragon’s natural mate is the Rooster>

The Snake’s natural mate if the Monkey

The Horse’s natural mate is the Sheep



Master Kay Tom

December 2009




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The Tiger is a powerful, focused, motivator

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