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Year of the Rabbit

KUNG HEE FAT CHOI - Happy New Year

2011 - The Year of the Metal Rabbit

The date of the Chinese New Year is dictated by the cycle of the moon and the arrival of the New Moon. Thursday 3rd February 2011 sees both the new moon and the leader of the Lunar Mansions, Dou the measure, shining down on us. This is an incredibly auspicious start to the year and one that heralds positive change in the current economic climate.

This star constellation Dou shows in the north of the night sky and is also known as The North Pipe or North Polar Bear Star. A long time ago this Measure would have been used for the rice allocation for the Chinese people, one scoop representing one Dou. As leader of the Lunar Mansions and as leader of the year for 2011 this will ensure food and well being for the family.

The constellation is a complex one and comprises of a group of 9 stars each with their own representations. This year, at the dawn of the New Year the brightest stars were those representing assistance which means even though the going may still be tough at times throughout this year there can nevertheless be a positive outcome as long as you are prepared to ask for help. This is a year of working as a team and not for too much strong headed independence.

Another star that was shining brightly at this time was one representing disaster so I would expect there will be more natural disasters this year as Mother Nature continues to show her power and her authority. Indeed on this very night in Queensland, Australia they were experiencing tornadoes of up to 140mph.

If you think of this star constellation as dots on a canvas which we can then join up the resulting image is that of the bowl of a pipe with a handle. In fact this “handle” moves according to the season. In the spring it will point in the direction of east, summer south, autumn west and in winter it will point north. It will be important to watch this constellation throughout the year, particularly at the spring equinox, the summer solstice, the autumn equinox and the winter solstice to see which of the 9 stars are shining the brightest and therefore have the greatest influence over you.

The USA and NASA have helped immensely in our understanding of the influence of these star constellations over our property. Thanks to them today we can log onto Google Sky and put in our post code and immediately identify the stars that are located directly over our homes. The Galaxy belongs to the 28 Lunar Mansions which as the name suggests is governed by the moon. No one has to be convinced of the power of the moon, after all it controls the times of the tides around the world. Indeed 70% of this earth is water so the moon has a major influence over the earth. Your body is also 70% water and the moon therefore has a direct effect on it. A lady’s menstrual cycle is a 28 days cycle in direct correlation with the 28 days cycle of the moon. Understand this and you can understand the influence of the moon and the star constellations on your property and your life.

In the light of this positive start to the year the Metal Rabbit will present you with more opportunities throughout 2011. It is not a year for achieving great heights but is a year for rising from the ashes and forging a new beginning. The best advice is don’t try to run before you can walk as things are not entirely as they appear to be. There will be challenges ahead this year as there is still a need to “let go” of old habits but if this can be viewed as a trimming out of the dead wood to encourage new growth then confidence can soon be restored. We have turned the corner and are on the way up!!

I wish you a happy and prosperous 2011. May it be a year when you manage to pull the rabbit out of the hat!

Master Kay Tom

February 2011




The Tiger’s natural mate is the Pig

The Rabbit’s natural mate is the Dog

The Dragon’s natural mate is the Rooster

The Snake’s natural mate if the Monkey

The Horse’s natural mate is the Sheep



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