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2012, Year of the Dragon

The Year of the Water Dragon - 2012

2012 promises to be a year of great confidence and optimism amongst the world leaders as the water Dragon is quite literally the king of kings.

In fact the Dragon is the most highly respected of the 12 Chinese animals and is held in the highest esteem by his subordinates

He possesses tremendous leadership qualities which earns him the highest accolade in the Chinese culture. His word is his command and quite simply what he says goes. He is a true entrepreneur with amazing foresight so opportunities will know no bounds in 2012.

The Water Dragon is highly intelligent and particularly clever so if there is a way forwards then he most certainly is the one to identify the route. He is also full of energy and tireless in his endeavour to fulfil his goal. This is the secret of his success as his focus is so strong that everything falls by the wayside in other areas of his life until his ambitions are achieved.

He is regarded as highly auspicious and is known for his magical, mystical qualities that enable him to turn water into wine and scrap metal into gold. In Hong Kong it is considered an honour to have a “Dragon” in your team or in your employment as they are a lucky omen in the business world.

He is the Voice of Authority so as long as his advice is adhered to then progress can be attained under the guidance of the Dragon. This guy knows how to make money and also how to preserve it at the same time. He is not a spendthrift and will always invest his money wisely.

The Dragon’s natural element is earth which gives him a grounded quality that enables him to see all aspects of a proposition as he not only has a Heavenly connection in his mystical, magical side but also has this stabilising earthly quality. In other words he can make plans and also know how to implement them and make a real difference.

He is very social and likes the finer things in life but he hates waste so he can seem very harsh when he deems it necessary to cut the cloth accordingly. He knows how to be cruel to be kind.

Family loyalty is also high on the Dragon’s agenda and so it is the Dragon will always give unflinching support to his family and friends, especially his children. His wisdom and counsel are highly sought after as he does not rush his judgements and fall into the temptation of making quick decisions – he always thinks more long term and the best interests of all concerned.

Rising from the Ashes, The Dragon is a great teacher who is not adverse to sharing his skills. He knows his own power and is happy to stand in it, yet his power is contained in a quiet and dignified manner that isn’t thrust upon you but is simply felt without question. For this reason people will trust him and be happy to listen to him.

To the common man he is a life line. Many people in recent years have experienced different degrees of hardship due to the challenges within the world economies.

The Dragon has managed to keep his head above water and is now ready to share his foresights and experiences. He commands respect and thus is confident in who he is and what he stands for. He can command an army; it is up to the army to listen to his orders

Respect him and he will respect you. The Dragon is Charismatic and vibrant and could charm the birds out of the trees. Yet he is shrewd and there is certainly no pulling the wool over his eyes. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it and get it he will.

One word of caution however, and that is never cross the Dragon as you will rue the day. Dragons make the worse enemies anyone could ask for. They are vindictive, resentful, rancorous and strong and a wounded Dragon never forgets. The best thing to do if he decides not to like you is avoid him, side step him, take your phone off the hook, get yourself an unlisted address or better still move to another country and change your name. This is the extent of his power, do not underestimate it.

The Dragon can be very secretive and plays his cards close to his chest and he can be dishonest to gain his own way. He knows where his priorities lie.

The Dragon is Visionary and his visions are far reaching. His ambition is strong and his sights are set high. This guy is on the way to the top and in this there can be no doubt. The kind of authority he exhibits is neither conjured nor feigned, for him dominance is a divine right.

This guy has grit and determination so if anyone can do it then it’s the Dragon to get the money markets back on track throughout 2012. This will not be an overnight success for him but his commitment to the cause throughout the year will see a much stronger and stable situation by the end of his reign.

Water is Wealth in Feng Shui terms and 2012 is absolutely overloaded with the water element. I would like to say this means we are in for a prosperous year but the imbalance is so great that I feel we need to air on the side of caution. Undoubtedly the focus will be on the stability of the money markets but this volume of water is more like a tsunami wave that is out of control. The most vulnerable time of all is in October when the Dragon will be tested to the absolute limit of his skills.

Listen to his wisdom and set a course for a brighter future.

Master Kay Tom

Winter Solstice 2011




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