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The Year of the Fire Monkey - 2016

Monkey, for 2016 Year of the Monkey

The monkey is always a lively character - the true party animal with a priority in life that is to be not only at the party but to be the life and soul of the party.

For this reason there will be fun in 2016 bringing a well-earned balance after the rigors of responsibility of the past few years. A word of warning however, don’t be fooled, there is a lot on the agenda this year. The monkey’s endeavor is simply to bring in some balance.

The fact is we are entering a new era of time, known as the 9 Fate. When we look back on this point we will liken it to something such as the transition between the Victorian and the Edwardian eras as there are changes afoot and these changes are immense.

It is the monkey that is best equipped to lighten the load and ease us through the transition with his jovial approach. This fate period will last for 27 years so the changes that are coming are far-reaching and long lasting.

The monkey, being a member of the primate family, is also highly intelligent so no matter how light hearted his appearance be assured there is more to him than meets the eye. Of course man too is a primate and has evolved from the monkey. In this respect we do connect and understand his energy naturally.

It is the olfactory region of the brain in primates that has been greatly reduced in most species, such as humans, and cerebrum expanded to accept the order’s increasing reliance on sight and social behaviors. The area of the brain that correlates with eye-hand coordination and vision are particularly large compared to other mammals. In this regard very little escapes the monkey’s notice and he will never miss an opportunity.

In 2016 the monkey’s first priority is the element of water, which is always moving. This circumstance only serves to make this animal even more active so don’t expect to sit back and relax this year. The monkey has an intense “to do” list ready and waiting for you. 2016 will be an exceptionally busy year and the pace very fast.

Be warned, as prevention is better than cure, health and fitness and a good diet will be paramount to survival. No working lunches on the run! The monkey is driving us towards a major change in all aspects of life so it is crucial to be able to cope with the demands of this. His eye is well and truly on the target.

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