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Accurate readings are taken of key aspects of your property in order for the your consultant to understand the energetic qualities around the building.

Recommendations are then made on suitable uses for each room.

Rooms with a quieter energy are suitable as bedrooms and relaxation rooms. Active rooms are more suited to business and social use.

Balancing The Energy

70% of our earth is covered in oceans the tides of which are controlled by the 28 day cycle of the phases of the moon.

In fact 70% of our body is also water and so it is that we too are influenced by the moon’s cycle: the female menstrual cycle illustrates this perfectly.

This influence of the moon cycle is so strong and so accurate we can buy a booklet on the exact times of the high and low tides on all costal areas. The 28 Lunar Mansions are therefore very important to the Chue consultant.

The principle of Chue Style Feng Shui is to balance the three energies Heaven, Earth and Human.

Heaven energy comes in the form of the moon phases and star constellations, Earth energy is contained in the power of the mountains and the Human energy comes from man. This is our skill.

A happy building makes for happy people

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