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It is in the mountains of Hunan Province, China, that the true essence of Chue Style Feng Shui originates.

The lives of the people here are very simple and yet the abundance they behold in their understanding of Nature’s riches outshines any Western bank balance. The power and the strength that the mountain contains supports the people of the district in their every day lives and so it is held in the highest esteem.

These people will regularly climb the 999 steps to the Tianmen Cave to pay their respects and give thanks.

The study of the energy in the mountains of Scotland through to the mountains of China as well as those in many countries of Europe have been undertaken in order to understand their influence on our urban environment.

Using these principles in everything from City Planning to landscape gardening layouts as well as for architectural designs ensures key areas of quality energy are harnessed in our best possible interests.

We have many proven case studies to illustrate how the people of an area follow the Form of the surrounding land.

Everything Has A Form

The form of the land is the natural topography of the land and its gradients dictate the natural chi flow. The skill is to direct this Natural flow of Life Force Energy into your property in order to benefit.

The Chi Follows the Form

The elephants of Sri Lanka moved to a higher part of the mountain the day before the Tsunami wave of 2004 hit their shores.

These elephants understood the energy of the mountain, they knew something was wrong. Have the foresight and be ahead of the enemy as he can only catch you when you are unaware.

Be wise and be ahead of the game and use Chue Style Feng Shui.

The Chi follows the Form, the People follow the Chi

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