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Natural Energy


Mountains have an immense quality. Not only are they an incredible store of treasures but they also offer an amazing perspective once you reach the summit.

Natural energy is a pure, honest energy and there can be nothing stronger. The problem is that man has been busy damaging the narural energy, chopping the trees and the mountains crumble, using articfical additives that posion the natural food and then poison man. Nature gives us a beautiful brain but we use it less and less by relying on technology and so the brain is dying and people get more and more stupid. Natural energy is not easy to follow but tap into it and the world is your oyster. Today is a day for taking stock of what is truly valuable. Indeed, there is a wealth of abundance around you, enough for everyone.

Recognise your own true wealth and in future the sky is the limit as long as you are humble and not too greedy or selfish and as long as you also come from a big heart that cares for others then success will be yours. Of course there are blockages to work through right now and the road a challenging one so conserving your energy is paramount. If you are a leader and feeling the weight of responsibility you need to go out and seek the advice of a wise man.

with best wishes   

Master Kay Tom  19:04:20