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“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”Albert Einstein:

Patience is running thin, not to mention tolerance and the resolve breaking down. In the USA we are already witnessing protests about the confinement imposed by the pandemic the world is facing right now. The energy of today advises us to proceed with caution, in a gentle and tolerant manner as to use force will only serve to aggravate the situation and fuel the negativity, that being the virus.  In fact if we can only adopt a more receptive attitude the the problems will be sorted with relative ease.  

Our scientists are busy gathering their data. If we can adopt a patient attitude then there will be a breakthrough and a solution will emerge. Only then will the noise from the voices of the people be appropriate, this time being one of applause and celebrations. Be patient. St George’s Day is fast approaching when St George slayed the Dragon. Watch this space!

With best wishes

Master Kay Tom