Southern Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere Chi Flow




The 10,000-year calendar is widely published globally for the Northern Hemisphere but no other Master in the world has acknowledged the difference in the seasons of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere and the impact this will have on a person’s birth chart. My master and teacher, Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, has researched the energy of the Southern Hemisphere for more than 20 years and has translated his invaluable knowledge into a 10,000-year calendar specific to the Southern Hemisphere. This is the quality of Chue Style Feng Shui. Not one single fact is presented to its students without prior research of that fact. The energies of the Southern and Northern Hemispheres are totally different. For instance, autumn starts in February in the Southern Hemisphere, while it is the season of spring in February in the Northern Hemisphere.

If you watch the water draining from a sink in the Northern Hemisphere you will see it flow clockwise, whereas in the Southern Hemisphere the flow is opposite and is anti-clockwise. This is a vital understanding that is required in order for a consultant to offer accurate advice to a client either through a birth chart that will illustrate his/her energetic DNA or through Feng Shui advice on a property.

The chart above indicates the sort of information that is then taken form the 10,000-year calendar to identify a person’s own energy footprint. From this, advice can be offered on all aspects of life, love and romance, career, health issues including mental health,  power and authority and fertility to name just a few.

for personal forecasts for the year ahead 2022 for both Northern and Southern Hemisphere charts