Ba Zi: Finding Your Own Inner Diamond

Master Chue Kay CH DS YH

My intention with this book is to outline to the Western world the value of the Chinese Horoscope, that to a majority is misunderstood. Most people in the west seem to associate the word horoscope with the back page of a magazine and a general overview to everyone born under a particular star sign according to the Western Astrological thinking.

Chue Style Feng Shui understands that the Eastern approach through the 4 Pillars of the Ba Zi is much deeper. This is a book on the background and thinking of Chinese Astrology and the amazing insight it produces to support the quality of life of a recipient, in all aspects of life.

My book is designed to illustrate a tool that describes a person’s character, strengths, and vulnerabilities by embracing all things natural through the Laws of Nature. No matter the issue, be it health, finance, family harmony or guidance in choosing a career path, there is a solution to offer support through the understanding of a person’s energetic balance according to the first breath taken at their moment of birth.

We are all very different in character, in words, in actions and in deeds and nothing can be more personal or more precise than the content of a birth chart in identifying your Energetic DNA

Ba Zi translates to 8 Characters that are identified through your 4 Pillars of Destiny taken from your Year, Month Day and Time of Birth making it 100% personal to you. For twins a 5th Pillar is constructed according to the Minute of Birth. From the information in the Birth Chart guidance can be given according to the interaction of the characters and according to the journey of the Life Path.

The Birth Chart of the Summer Solstice 2024 when the Yang energy is at its peak and we welcome the Birth of Yin.

There is a lot of fighting going on predominantly over money and even though the answers are trying to get through there is a lot of opposition. Feelings are very strong, and the Earth element is important to act as the middleman and to produce the jobs.

The blockage comes from the weakness of the water element as this is necessary to bring a clearer mind and more logical thinking and to bring more clarity to the situation

It is advisable for the Rabbit 卯 and the Dog 戌 not to get involved.

The medicine for this chart is to use the elements of Earth, Metal and Water to bring balance and the 2024 Dragon year is doing his best to support this and to promote a solution.

This is also the night of the full moon.

with my best wishes

Master Chue Kay CH DS YH   隨琪