image credit: Olga Pomoz


In the Chinese Calendar the new energy of January arrives today. A new energy that brings an Ox year, an Ox month and an Ox day. This can only be a rodeo so sit firm, hold on and enjoy the ride. This is certainly one big shake up to set the trend for the rest of the year and the Ox most definitely is determined to lead from the front. 

It is vital to start as you men to go on by standing in your truth and no more, for to exaggerate your skills will only be to fall down at a later date. The treasure is there inside of you so be proud of your own skill and develop that and no more, for to speak your truth is to avoid falling down.

There is a sick energy showing in the south east this month making it advisible to paint your front door white if it faces south east. Alternatively wind chimes, a strong door bell or an entrance hall filled with white flowers will also help to disperse the sickness

Stay well: With my best wishes

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