The New Moon



 The night of the new moon and the new beginning. Our earth constitutes 70% ocean and the responsibility of the moon is to dictate the flow of the tides around our shores. Our body too is 70% water and is influenced by the moon cycle in the same way, a fact that is widely recognised in the female menstrual cycle that directly correlates with the 28-day cycle of the moon. This direct influence of the moon is so reliable that we can buy a timetable from the local harbourmaster’s office to read the exact time of high and low tides every day. It is a wise man that listens to the language of the moon. Set out your intentions and goals for the month today with the support of the strength and power of this lunar energy.


The ancient diagram above, from the Sam Hap Masters of the Imperial Courts of China, is over 3000 years old. Their disciplines and principles have therefore stood the test of time. Feng Shui is not New Age intuition, Feng Shui is a science. The diagram tells me the new moon will rise in the west of the night sky and will start to show by day 3 of the lunar cycle. Check it out. Its fun to value our connection to nature

We are all experiencing new beginnings after the influence of the change of habits enforced recently. Community has become a much stronger priority and many, dare I say it, have found more time for the self with more regularity in the daily routine especially the partaking of more regualr meals.  Improved nutrition has to offer more support to the health, more support to the immune system and a better quality of sleep, all of which play a major role in sustaining our resistance to infection.The taoist philosophy’s belief is that prevention is better than cure so establishing these routines, that then can become a habit, can only be the best approach in safegaurding against a repeat of the past vulnerabilities to infection. Changes abound.

Today is a day for community and it is in the family unit where you feel the most secure. This is a time for communication as what you are doing is very smart but clarity is vital to avoid sending out the wrong signal. For sure you need a business plan. It is the mother and female members of the family that are holding the energy today with the delights of the cooking smells eminating from the kitchen that not only satisfy the appitite but feed the soul too.

The investment today is that of a good future. Follow the energy calmly and naturally and your life is safe. People following the right way follow the energy and are less likely to act in a stupid way or damage others. Go with the flow and trust it.

Time and Tide wait for no man.

with best wishes

Master Kay Tom: 23:05:20