There are times when it is necessary to let go of something in order to make way for the new. As challenging as these situations can be beauty will always emerge in the long term. The same applies if you loose something when this philosophical view can help you to embrace the joys of what you had and to treasure the memories that can never be taken away and are yours forever. Sometimes when you loose something it is not always a bad thing as by giving out you retain the value of what you do have.  

Today is a day for giving and not receiving so do not expect reward for the help you are able to offer to others who are in need. If you can maintain this attitude then in the fullness of time the compliment will be returned. Conversely going against this advice could well backfire on you and land you in trouble.  

It is better to give than to receive. No matter how small the gesture its the thought that counts and that touches the recipient. 

with best wishes

Master Kay Tom: 25:05:20: