Today is a day for removing any wrong doings that are blocking you and to deal with them accordingly. To bury your head to a situation is to feed it and make matters worse for yourself. This may be personal or something in your professional life that could also neccessitate taking a closer look at any legal policies. The image of the day is one of the jaw dropping that can indicate harsh words or a shocking situation so be on your guard  in all you say and do.

From despair there appears to be some hope but there are a lot of people all rushing to grab what they can as the feeling of deprivation has taken hold. Behaviour can be vicious and arguments ensue so it is a wise man who recognises his own opportunity to feed himself that in turn enables him to gather his own energy in preparation to face the future. Justice doesn’t always come easy but have faith. Tonight is the night of no moon with the new moon tomorrow.

The darkest hour comes just before the dawn.

 with best wishes

Master Kay Tom: 22:05:20 http://www.theenergyspecialist.com