Today the energy is that of the Mother, the hinge pin of the family for it is the Mother who holds everything together. Representing a new beginning with a gentle and understanding approach the mother will nurture and encourage today without being dominant. Your direction is your choice, the mother is simply there to listen and advise if required.

All life on earth is interconnected and it is the Mother and Father together that collectively understand all things. Be open to suggestions today as they will not be flipant ones, at the same time being mindful to read the small print as the Mother always pays attention to detail. There is also no moon for the next two nights bringing a time for introspection and meditation in order to allow the answers to come through. This is not a time to move forwards as the Mother always exercises patience and a preference to lead from the back. At first this may be a bitter pill to swallow but in the end it tastes sweet.  

Always respect the energy of the Mother – even the Mafia take tea with their Mother every day.

with best wishes

Master Kay Tom 21:05:20