Rising From the Ashes:The Dragon Transforms the Chi




Each of the 12 Animals possess its own character and its own gifts in the same way as do we all. Some are flamboyant, some shy and retiring, some loud and forthright and some quiet and unassuming. It would be a boring life if we were all the same as contrast is the key because each aspect compliments the other and facilitates the best being brought to the fore. To recognise your own qualities is to present the opportunity to utilise them to your best advantage.

For example, the Dragon 100% is one to stand out from the crowd. Of the 12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac, he is the mystical, magical one. The one with the intuition and foresight that makes him the entrepreneur he was born to be. He is highly regarded in the Chinese culture, as a leader who never shies of taking the initiative and the responsibility that this brings. Self-made people often find they have a Dragon residing somewhere in their birth chart

Born In the Year of the Dragon: Lloyd Dorfman, Founder of Travelex: Zandra Rhodes, Fashion Designer: Christopher Reeve, Actor: Sandra Bullock, actress: Keanu Reeves, Actor: Michelle Obama, 1st Lady of the USA 2009 -2017: Bill Gates, Microsoft: Elon Musk, SpaceX, Tesla, Twitter:

Undoubtedly, the Dragon is an entrepreneur but more over he is one to know when to say no. In the Feng Shui field we would say, “he knows how to lock his chi” for he also knows how to store his energy to ensure the fruits of his labours end up in his own pocket and not in that of the multitude of advisors that are constantly at his side. It is abundantly clear who is the boss, and no one would think to question the fact.

The Dragon is a go getter, a motivator and a problem solver and undoubtedly this is how he has gained the reputation as ” The Dragon Who Transforms The Chi”. So expect the unexpected this month as only the Dragon knows best how to turn a situation around.

This is Chinese philosophy as outside of the box as it sounds to the Western mind. I have studied the 12 Animals for more than 25 years and to this day it never ceases to amaze me how accurate the principles are. I often get criticized in my published articles when I write about the year ahead at Chinese New Year with comments such as “rubbish, idiotic and superficial”. I have learned from the best and belong to a Lineage that dates to the Song Dynasty 960AD. Our subject is more than 3000 years old and is both tried and tested. Chue Style Feng Shui prides itself in the quality of its knowledge that has only ever been passed on by the direct word of a master to his student. Nothing has been taught from books to avoid any misinterpretation. Of course, writing a general overview of the year is superficial as it is only intended as an introduction to an intricate and in-depth subject.

Master Kay Tom CH DS YHH

April 2023