The Peak

The night ahead of the Summer Solstice when the yang energy reaches its peak. The night of no moon.

The height of yang represents the height of the pressure, the height of the action and the height of the loud noise. The situation is still highly charged and tentative. The energy of the Father , regarded as the head of the family, is evident today representing all leaders in all capacities. It is vital to keep a cool head in order to utilise and direct this strong energy into something useful and benefical to all. In this regard there is great potential to clear blockages and to pave the way to a smoother journey. In order to cope with the pressure of today the fullness of yang needs to be balanced with the fullness of yin making quieter activities, contemplation, meditation and silence a valuable investment. It is a wise leader who listens to his advisors today.

 with best wishes

Master Kay Tom: 20:06:20