For anyone who has ever taken a gong bath you will understand the energy I am describing of today as I would liken it to that of a beautiful chiming sound. The principle of the gong bath is that once a blockage has been broken up by the vibration and resonance of the gong then this fractured and weakened energy is then easier to disperse and remove.  The name of today’s energy is Resolution and the answers will come. Progress is finally being made, the best advice being to be as decisive as an archer with a drawn bow. Timing is very important in knowing when to release the strength as it is vital not to force an issue. The solution is to use a yin approach, that is without force or malice, and to gather the evidence to punish the bad guy in an appropriate manner. The sound of today is loud and balanced like a bell.

Problems must be resolved in a proper and dignified manner to avoid reprecussions. The situation is like a bee trapped in a web that needs a cautious and planned strategy to action its release without incurring its wrath.

Tonight and the next two nights are nights of no moon and a good time to deal with your blockages 

 with best wishes

Master Kay Tom: 19:06:20