The night of the full moon. The full moon is bright and represents the fullness of yang. The fast appraoching Summer Solstice also representing the fullness of yang. Yang is masculine, action,  momentum, a busy life, decision making, responsibilty, cities and large crowds of people and tension. We are at the peak of the pressure. To balance this we need to introduce more yin. Yin is feminine, relaxation, calm, peace, meditation  planning, nurturing, gardening, the countryside, gentle exercise. The irony is that this is exactly the energy Nature is presenting today. The image is one of peace, when two opposites can each listen to the other and combine in a mutual understanding in order to find this peace. In terms of Nature’s support there can be no better time to adopt a positive view of your future prospects and to commit to your plans.

In all things we need to find balance. Too peaceful can mean a lack of motivation, too  active can mean burn out. Yin needs yang and yang needs yin. If a grandparent leaves an inheritance too young then the recipient can loose opportunities in life so the warning today is to embrace the peace whilst also staying focused. These are early days, the enrgy of the day indicating January so plans are longer term.

with best wishes

Master Kay Tom 06:06:20: