Today welcomes the arrival of the new energy of the month of June, an energy that represents communication in all forms. June will therefore be a month to establish the links that you require, to openly debate matters that need to be addressed and for the truth to be revealed. We are rapidly approaching the height of the energy of the year at the Summer Solstice combined with the full moon tomorrow all of which will be encouraging issues to come to a head and a resolution to be found.  

It is important to know your target today, to make up your mind and to act immediately. There is no time to loose as the pressure is building and the dam about to burst. Do not procrastinate and show determination while remaining focussed on it in order to avoid pitfalls. We are reminded once again that only appropriate action will reap its rewards making it important to be mindful of doing the right thing at the right time. It is a wise man who listens to the natural energy, who does a thorough job and who avoids shortcuts.

with best wishes

Master Kay Tom: 05:06:20: