The Way of Change

More and more in the press we are hearing of numerous aspects of anxiety due to the pressures and pace of modern day living. A staggering statistic produced in a review formulated by research on over 500 case studies at Oxford University recently concluded that at least a million more people in Britain need to be taking anti depressants. My questions is, why this escalation? What is so different today to cause, what appears to be, this epidemic?

We live in a time of high ambition, high achievers high targets and high demands. The rate of growth is phenomenal with young entrepreneurs reaching the height of their profession in their early twenties. Frankly to me its like force feeding a plant to blossom early. The flower might bloom but the root is weak and the life expectancy short. Thankfully I’m not suggesting we are all heading for our grave, although sadly there is a rise in the number of suicides recently, but I am suggesting we are heading for burn out. Realistically carrying on at this pace isn’t sustainable. The pace is the symptom so we are advised to slow down, walk in nature, exercise and take anti depressants. I would suggest looking deeper at this and address the cause.

In the energy field we understand that people naturally follow the energy of the environment in which they live. For example, Hong Kong is built on the banks of very fast flowing water and consequently the pace of life there is fast too. You only have to observe the people within this city who walk very quickly, there is no getting away from this pace.

Added to the pressures of our environment we have also entered a new era of time called the 9 fate in the Chinese calendar. This energy is as fast and furious as it gets, it is totally yang. Yang is action,  yang is achieving, yang is giving, yang is go go go. People are following this energy too and consequently this is the cause we are looking for.

For sure today’s energy is fast and quick and never before has there been a time when it is so vital to understand your life, your strengths and weaknesses and your environemnt in order to enable you to find the balance so to be happier and healthier. For help with Financing the services of expert individuals instant loans up to 15000 approved online Citrus North.

Feng Shui is an ancient tradition, over 3000 years old. Its principles are most certainly tried and tested. Feng Shui can help you to find this balance. This is the Way of Change

Chue Style Feng Shui launched its Way of Change programme in Milan, Italy in October 2016:

Master Kay Tom: The Energy Specialist:

February 2018