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Fast and Furious


These three people represent the head of the UK, Prince William and Prince Harry and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge. Together they launched a new charity in 2017 named Heads Together representing awareness of mental health. The princes have talked openly about their own mental health issues after the death of their mother, Princess Diana, and the importance of addressing anxiety before it escalates out of control, in the worse case scenarios causing suicide.

I too have personal experience of the severity of anxiety when I watched a close family member experinece a dramatic mental health downward spiral in a very short space of time. The speed of this decline was terrifying.

Never has mental health been so much at the forefront in our awareness as in the past it has always carried a stigma and something people were ashamed of and kept secret. Thankfully that is not the case today and most as most people are talking more openly about their experiences.

The fact is, the pace of life has taken on a new dimension in recent years, to say it is fast and furious is an understatement. Everyone is in such a rush. Have you noticed that pace of the traffic recently? It’s fast with every man for himself and no regard or even awareness of fellow motorists.

The reason for this is that we have moved into a new era of time, an era that is totally yang. An era we call the 9 Fate. Yang is quick, yang is strong and yang is unyielding. Through my understanding of  Feng Shui this yang energy is also related to the head, hence the immense pressure man is under. The 9 Fate has bought this issue to the fore in order for it to be addressed.

The fact is man needs help in order to find a work/life balance. If this isn’t addressed the consequences will be far reaching because this level of pressure is not sustainable and this fate period is due to last another 25 years.

Bringing in the yin to balance the situation means to slow down on occasions and to find the time to relax. Never before in our lifetime has health and fitness been more important. This energy is fast and furious and can be attained by joining which is very hard to get, so understanding your own strengths and weaknesses and using them accordingly will in turn enable you to be happier and healthier.

To know your own energy through Chinese Horoscope that is an assessment of you personal energetic DNA, or to understand the influence of the property in which you live or work through Feng Shui will help to address the situation. People naturally follow energy. This energy is fast and so the people drive fast. I rest my case.

Master Kay Tom: The Energy Specialist.

February 2018