The Promise


March 5th 2018. The birth of the energy of the month of March and the month of the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac.

Spring has sprung, the buds are bursting forth on the tree who’s bark is turning yellow in eager anticipation of the profusion of greenery it is about to bestow on us.

Spring Equinox is March 21st when we all truly come back to life after the rigours of the winter season. No more long dark evenings in the confines of home for now we are ready to take action. Following the example of the season we are ready to put our best foot forwards and go forth and multiply.

The Rabbit is particularly fortuitous this year as he is a natural companion of the leader of the year, the Dog. Together this pair can take on the world, the Rabbit pure in mind and clear on his goals and his direction. The Dog holding his authority, ready to bark if needed, and ready to guard and lock the efforts of this team to ensure benefits abound all round

This is a good month to launch your projects. The Yang energy is rising and by following Mother Nature’s natural lead we can rely on her support and encouragement in eager anticipation of seeing our projects develop in the same way. There is not greater strength than nature and no greater force. The time is now and the opportunities are there for the taking. Blink and you may miss them, perhaps never to return, so keep a sharp eye and a clear mind and be ready to grab your chance to be on this formidable team.

@masterkaytom: The Energy Specialist