The Turning Point



I have to confess I am excited about the energy of this day for it represents an identical image to that of the energy of the month, doubling the strength of the energy that is moving forward the mutual respect of the leaders that I talked about on the 5th April when the new month of the Dragon came in. Coupled with this we have a full moon tonight that represents the fullness and peak of the energy and another representation of a turning point.

My heart goes out to Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, who is in intensive care this morning with virus symptoms but the irony is that tributes and well wishes are being sent to him from all walks of life, including world leaders and opposing political parties. Hallelujah, the leaders are uniting. This isn’t to say that the way forward is a walk in the park and the continuity of a united front is therefore paramount. There will be differences in opinion, of course, and the false energy that has been evident still needs addressing but once this has worked its way through the world will be all the better for it.  

For your part the best advice I can offer today is to be open and truthful in all you say and do. False energy is fragile making it vital to stand in your truth and build a solid foundation for the future. Today the door opens to a new beginning and I wish you all every success in all you do. 

With my best wishes

Master Kay Tom