Getting Your House In Order


The image that represents the energy of today, Monday 6th April, is one of water descending on the lake that calls for immediate action and extreme caution as the lake is subsequently vulnerable to flooding. This is telling you there is no time to waste and that action is needed in all matters pertaining to you today as flooding can be dangerous. This means paying immediate attention to pressing situations and dealing with them promptly. No longer can you bury your head to the challenges hence this is not a day for resting on your laurels. This image particularly identifies the direction of North and illustrates the furore over the Scottish Health minister’s disregard of the non-essential travel recommendations that have been issued by government health guidelines in the UK and the need for immediate action from the Scottish 1stminister. This news bulletin was issued first thing this morning.  

If you recognise your limitations today and know and focus on your target then success can be achieved. Water is a powerful energy as we can never fully understand its depths so be respectful in all negotiations, understanding that we cannot argue with the natural energy. Water particularly represents the finances so it is a wise one who lays the foundations to getting them in order today.  

Master Kay Tom