Empathy and Responsibility


The energy of today shows great potential to reap what you have sown and to gain huge benefit as long as you make sure you have removed all of the obstacles that have been blocking your actions.

The energy of April continues to be one of leadership that comes in many forms. You can be the Prime Minister of your country, you can have thousands of followers on Twitter, you can be organising food deliveries to the needy or anything else in between, all are leaders and all have people leaning on their word. The image today shows the sun shining on the leader so stand up to your own individual responsibility and lead from the front. Not everyone has your gift and people are relying on you.  

The image representing today shows we are at the peak of the situation and the future looks very promising, however, from here the only way is down. You need to be discerning in your actions as the higher the peak, the greater the fall. Recognise good from bad and right from wrong with a gradual approach that will bring the most benefit. The best advice is to look humble and ordinary while staying strong inside. 

In the Chue Style Feng Shui field we hold immense respect for the Heaven and the Earth energy. These two energies are vital to life and are also referred to as the Father and the Mother who preside over everything. That said even the Father and Mother need Fire (the sun for the vegetables to grow) and Water to survive. All 4 energies are present today and this once again is auspicious and promises stability. The month of April is certainly off to a very fine start.

Have a great day 

With my best wishes

Master Kay Tom     www.theenergyspecialist.co.uk